Men Are Like Cars

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A humorous short story about a woman CEO who confides in a young reporter telling her how she has managed her relationships with men through her life More
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About Mariana Reuter

Mariana Reuter is a 25 year-old French-Mexican girl who loves to write. Her main genre is young adult. She loves to write about teen girls discovering themselves, challenging the status-quo, and changing their worlds. She lives with her parents and works as an industrial engineer. Currently, she has no boyfriend, but is accepting applications. Her friends call her Gacela since she was a little girl.


Review by: mandybauthor on March 26, 2015 :
I was intrigued by the premise, but what a monumental disappointment. I beg to differ with Vincent Brown's comment that this is professional work. It's not. It's amateurish in every aspect, and only someone with a very low threshold for humor would find it in the least funny. I found it abysmal. Its only redeeming quality is it is short, so the pain doesn't get extended too long. Vincent Brown suggests if you like YA, you might find this interesting. Books about CEOs and reporters and love lives are not for the YA audience. It's the writing that is YA—it reads like it was written by a teenager. You only have to read her profile to see how sloppy her writing is: "Her main gender [sic] is young adult." I mean, if you can't even spell the word "genre" correctly in your author profile, how can you expect people to take your writing seriously?
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Review by: Ravenmaster99 on Jan. 12, 2015 :
I'm going to have to side with Miguel99, although I think the comments were a little harsh. The idea is kind of cute, but the execution is poor. I don't think the claim of winning a contest is relevant. What's relevant is what's written, and it's weak and would never be published in its present form through traditional channels. I didn't laugh either. I rolled my eyes quite bit at the attempts at humor. But humor is subjective. I thought the puns were kind of juvenile - maybe if this is aimed at fourteen year olds or something, but it's not adult writing. The novel snippet looks even weaker.
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Review by: Vincent Brown on Jan. 12, 2015 :
I think Miguel99 is not being fair with this story. It IS funny and it's full of puns. Not that you're laughing from beginning to end, but it’s funny enough to make you laugh several times. The author claims the story won a humorous writing contest, which makes sense. The writing is good, not Shakespeare, but it’s professional.

There’s a snippet of the author’s next novel at the end. If you like young adult, you may find it interesting.
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Review by: Miguel99 on Jan. 11, 2015 :
A piece of tripe. Not humorous in any way, shape, or form. Rifled with bad grammar and punctuation errors. Author has no writing ability whatsoever. Even though it was free, I still feel cheated....I want my five minutes back. And if the snippet at the end is any indication of the quality of the upcoming novel, I think it's best for the author to stick with the day job.
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