It's All About You

When clumsy Eva started her new job she wasn't expecting to find the man she loved for the last decade already working there.
With the help of her loyal best friend she plots how to split him and his girlfriend up and stalks him in the most awkward accident prone way.
Is it really him she wants or is it the comfort of it always being all about him? More
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About Laura Lawrence

Here’s where you can learn all about me, my quirks, my hobbies and little random facts. I really hope you enjoy learning about me!

Love Laura x

1. I write all my books using pen and paper, usually sparkly gel pens.

2. All of my books have a leading male character whose first initial is J.

3. I’ve lost count of the amount of colours I’ve dyed my hair, but my favourites have been; pink, blonde, red and purple.

4. As soon as summer begins, I wear my flip flops come rain or shine, right up until the end of September.

5. Before I wrote as often as I do now I used to make jewellery. I made jewellery for almost a decade before stopping, after giving most of it away to a shop I worked in at the time.

6. My favourite films are; Notting Hill, Shaun of the Dead, Avengers and Spider-Man.

7. I love animals of all types. I’ve always had fluffy things in the house (cats, hamsters, guinea pigs) but when I was seven I begged my mum to get me frogs and newts for Christmas.

8. My animals usually have names that make me smile no matter how ‘un-animal’ like they are. I’ve had Bruce, Boris, Jaffa Cake, Jeremy, Fred, Herbert, Bertie and Gwynnie. Usually my female animals have male names.

9. The majority of my female characters have at least one of my quirks.

10. I’m addicted to stationary, so much so that I’ve had to start hiding pens and notepads at my work so my husband won’t see them.

11. When I was a child I was a tomboy, wanting to play with wrestlers and superheroes (as well as my Barbies and dolls) I loved mud pies, worms and getting messy.

12. I’m now very girly and love all things pink and sparkly.

13. I have been known to talk to myself on many occasion, as well as talking to my animals.

14. I am very easily distracted, sometimes I’ll get halfway through a conversation with someone and just stop talking so I can daydream. This drives my husband crazy.

15. I love flowers and pretty plants but seem to kill them all, except bushes and Aloe Vera. On a related note, my house is full of Aloe Vera!

16. My favourite character of all time is Johnny Jefferson. A character from Paige Toon’s ‘Johnny Be Good’, ‘Baby Be Mine’ and her new ‘YA series’ about Jessie Jefferson.

17. My favourite character from my books is JJ.

18. I was given ‘Johnny Be Good’ for my 23rd birthday and read it a couple of months later on my honeymoon. This is the book that changed my life and made me want to pursue my writing career.

19. I used to be a television addict, but now I’d rather be making up my own stories than watching other stories on TV.

20. My house is so full of books that I’ve run out of space for most of them!

21. My favourite thing to do before having my son; was to spend my days off work sunbathing with a good book in the summer, or snuggled under my duvet with hot chocolate and a book in the winter.

22. All my books have been released on days that are special to me.

23. Two of my best friends have been the ones to press the ‘publish’ button on Amazon, both were excited about publishing their first book.

24. I used to get told off for using exclamation marks too often. I found it difficult to show excitement without using one, something I can occasionally be guilty of today.

25. I was obsessed with badgers when I was younger and had a massive collection of bits and pieces. My mum still has some of the ornaments and paperweights.

26. I have an array of fears and phobias. I’m scared of clowns after watching the first 15 minutes of ‘IT’ by Stephen King when I was too young, until my mum caught me and turned it off! I’m also scared of foam / sponge, I can’t touch it or be near it without having a meltdown. When my son had sponges at bath-time, he found it hilarious to eat the sponge just to get a reaction from me. It’s safe to say he now has flannels!

27. If I could paint the world purple and pink I totally would.

28. I love most music, apart from dance music, my current favourite is Ed Sheeran, both of his albums. It seems my two year old is following in my footsteps as he’ll happily sing along to most of his songs.

29. I have specific editing music. When I’m editing my books I listen to ‘The Brand New – Déjà Entrough’ on repeat, this means I only do an album lengths worth of editing at a time, before I take a break and start all over again.

30. My favourite author is Paige Toon, I love her and still get stupidly excited when she talks to me via Facebook or Twitter.

31. I don’t watch much TV, but I do quite enjoy Hollyoaks and Eastenders. I like to find a new show to watch in the evening with my husband. We tend to find them years after they aired originally, we still haven’t finished 24. At the moment our show is Arrow, but as soon as they make more it will be The Big Bang Theory. We’re also huge fans of family guy, we love it!

32. My favourite food is lasagne with garlic bread. I like to hollow out my garlic bread and save the soft garlicky centre until last, my husband stole it once and I cried!

33. When I was pregnant I craved chip shop sausages. I was enjoying one at home one afternoon, and went to get some gherkins to enjoy with it and came back to see my cat running off with my sausage! I actually wrestled to get it back and cried when it was too chewed to eat. Whilst I was crying over my sausage, he started on my cheesy chips with vinegar… That was his mistake!

34. I’ve never had any really bad injuries, but the ones I have had revolve around my tools of the trade; wrists, fingers and hands. These include a couple of broken bones, torn ligaments and carpel tunnel syndrome.

35. I don’t have any really embarrassing stories I want to admit to today, but a lot of the embarrassing moments in my books, particularly in ‘It’s All About You’ are vaguely based on me. If there are any particular moments in my books that you want to know about, feel free to ask me and I’ll divulge all. I’d love to play ‘real or fake’.

36. The best moment of my life is a tie between getting married and giving birth. However during the birth of my son, I was so high on gas and air and demanding my midwife sang to me while my husband held my legs for me that I would say that tops it just a little bit. Another example of how my real life crosses over into my books.

37. I don’t have any finished books that aren’t published, but I have a couple of half started books that I will eventually finish. I just need to find the perfect pen sets, and some great inspiration music to go with them.

38. I plan to use a pen name for the children’s books I’m currently in the process of writing. Simply because it enables me to keep my children’s books completely separate from my adult books. I anticipate that my friends and family will recognise my pen name, and the pictures of my son which feature in the books.

39. My friends say I’m a mixture of all of my main female characters, but most like Eva from ‘It’s All About You’

40. If I could be more like any of my characters I would be like Isabella, living life to the full and not letting anyone or anything spoil my fun!

41. Of all my male characters, my friends say I’m most likely to get with either JJ or Richard. I do have a soft spot for JJ though so that kind of swings the vote.

42. The song ‘Drops of Jupiter’ by Train which features through the ‘Best Friends’ series, is special to me because it was the song my husband and I had as our first dance at our wedding.

43. Real life sneaks into my stories quite often, like with ‘Isabella’s Last Request’. I actually did go to America and to sea world for my 21st birthday, as I felt so old and wanted to relive turning 18!

44. I write in every colour in the universe, apart from red. Writing in red really stresses me out as it affects my dyslexia so much that I can hardly read a word of it. It took a year of working in my office and staring at a white board full of red writing every day, before I admitted to my boss it makes me want to cry.

45. My biggest celebrity crush is Ryan Reynolds, and he was the inspiration behind the description of JJ’s looks in the ‘Best Friends’ series.

46. Only two of my characters have been loosely based on people I know, they are Bruce and Jason who feature in my latest novel – which is coming soon!

47. Some writers have a specific place they write, but I can write anywhere. I don’t partake in the clichéd cake shop setting, but it would be lovely to have an unlimited supply of cake! My latest book was written on my lunch break at my desk surrounded by people. My first novel was written before I had my son, so was mainly written outside in my garden.

48. I was so worried about failing that I didn’t tell anyone -not even my husband – that I was writing a book… It was nice having a secret project.

49. My first book, ‘The Best Friend Boyfriend Theory’ was the fastest to write but took the longest to publish because I was scared.

50. Due to my dyslexia I was always told I wouldn’t ever be an author, and I believed it for a lot longer than I should have. I wish I’d ignored them and carried on writing despite what people said!

51. I love lists, and I write lists for everything. There’s nothing more satisfying then ticking something off my list, so I like to put a few daily items on the list such as; brushing my teeth or eating lunch. Some call it cheating but at least I know I’ll always have something ticked off.

52. My day job is fraud checking online orders for a large company. Before I started this job, I used to dream about giving up my day job and becoming a full time writer but now I enjoy being a detective and love the people I work with. I think writers need to stay in jobs where they are surrounded by people to get inspiration from.

53. I’m nearing 30, and although I don’t have a bucket list like Isabella in ‘Isabella’s Last Request’, I do plan to make a list of 30 things to do before I hit 30. Hopefully I’ll have 3 years to complete the list.

54. I can only eat chewing gum and TicTacs in multiples of two…

55. When I finish a packet of crisps, I have to tie the pack in a bow. My mum has always done it and I realised last year that my dad does it too, so I think it’s deep-rooted in me.

56. No matter where I go a stranger will start a conversation with me. Apparently it’s something about my eyes…

57. People tell me all their deepest darkest secrets. Once people have divulged their secret, they tend to say they don’t know why told me, they just felt they could… I have to say I’m honoured by the randomness.

58. My claim to fame is that my sister got me an autograph from Bodger & Badger for my 18th birthday when she met them. Although I’ve never actually met anybody famous, Peter Andre does live in the same town as me, which counts right?

59. I’ve been known to announce that “I love stalking!” I get really attached to certain things and have attention to detail.

60. If I could host a ‘Celebrity Come Dine With Me’, my ideal guests would be; Ed Sheeran, Paige Toon, Ryan Reynolds and Stephen Amell… Can anyone make this happen?

61. When I was little I fell off my bike and knocked out a tooth and badly injured my mouth. For days all I could eat was custard and rice pudding, now every time I’m feeling ill or low I crave custard to make it better.

62. I like to own things, DVDs / CDs / books, I like to have the actual thing rather than a borrowed copy.

63. I am very precious of my books so I find it very hard to lend them to people in case they crack the spines, crease the pages or mark them.

64. I’m also precious of my notebooks & diary and my husband finds it really funny to doddle in them or add stupid things to my ‘To Do’ lists. This used to stress me out until I had my son who loves to scribble on everything, so I had to get used to it.

65. I’ve wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, I used to write stories and tell people I was going to be an author from a very young age. The only thing that slowed me down was people telling me I couldn’t because of my dyslexia.

66. I saw a palm reader when I was ten, and so far everything he predicted, that I can remember, has come true. Except one thing, which I’m still waiting for. He predicted I’d be a writer, and I’m so blessed that’s come true.

67. If I could relive my life there’s not much I’d change as I think our mistakes make us who we are, but I would have bothered to revise for my GCSE’s. My predicted grades were rubbish so I didn’t bother, but come results day I actually did much better than expected. I’d love to know how I’d have done if I tried. I also wouldn’t have got myself into debt when I bought my first house, and I wouldn’t have allowed myself to put on so much weight as it’s difficult to shift.

68. I’m a collector and a hoarder and have things filling my house, some in my mums, some in my in laws and some in my grans. I’m working on it, honest…

69. If I were to be reincarnated as an animal I would be a cat, although my husband would say a sloth!

70. I love photos and taking photos. I take an average of 1,000 photos a month, most involve my toddler.

71. I love quotes and used to swap daily motivational quotes with a friend from work, it was the most motivated I’ve ever felt!

72. I love to spend my downtime with friends and family although I don’t get much as I’m usually working or writing.

73. I used to be a real night owl and wouldn’t go to sleep until the early hours of the morning, but now I’m struggling to keep my eyes open past 11pm.

74. Years ago I was on my lunch break with a friend from work and we went to feed the ducks, one little duck was being attacked by the others and I send my friend in to save him. She waded into the water and dropped her phone in breaking it and soaking her feet and trousers. The ducks all swam away happily before she even reached them, so the whole thing was for nothing!

75. I live in a house on top of a hill and from my bedroom you can see for miles, there’s a lot of houses and buildings but also beautiful countryside filling my view.

76. When I was a child I used to collect pebbles and pretend they were my pets. I now help my toddler collect them and we paint them.

77. I speak my mind and quite often get myself in trouble.

78. I hate people with no manners and find it hard to not say anything.

79. I don’t drive, I’ve had three lessons and caused damage in all of them. My driving experience is similar to Eva’s in ‘It’s All About You’.

80. I am well known by my friends as the one that rants on Facebook, especially my bus rants!

81. If I wasn’t a writer I would love to have been a fashion designer or a jeweller. I would definitely be doing something creative.

82. I’m so busy in my own world that I’m terrible at keeping in touch with friends, so I’m very lucky that most of my friends understand this and remind me they are still around!

83. I don’t cope well with death, my granddad died earlier this year and I still have to remind myself that he’s gone. I take it really hard when I hear of anyone’s death, even if it’s a celebrity that I don’t even know.

84. I am a bit of a people pleaser and love to pay people compliments and put a smile on their face, even if just for a moment.

85. I love being complimented but don’t handle it well so often brush it off.

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