Guitar Scales and Modes Trainer: Melodic Sequences, Intervals, and Arpeggios for the Ionian Mode of the Major Scale

This book contains 72 lesson exercises to help learn and memorize the Ionian mode of the major scale for its fret board position. Lesson exercises include all seven mode sequences, three and four-note melodic sequences, all diatonic intervals, triad/sixths/sevenths melodic arpeggio sequences, and full triad/sixths/sevenths melodic arpeggios. The complete series covers all seven mode positions. More

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About Robert Farrell

Robert Farrell is a self-taught guitarist with over seventeen years of experience and is the author of the Guitar Sweep Picking Trainer and Guitar Scales & Modes Trainer series.

Over time, he realized the significant challenge with improving guitar technique is figuring out what to practice. While there are many great resources and training materials available, he desired a systematic and incremental approach to improving knowledge and technique with a specific focus on maximizing results in the short-term. It all began with applying some fundamental analysis and design he had learned as a software developer toward strategies for improving his own guitar technique.

His training materials use a short-term approach which develop fundamental skills gradually in order to advance to higher levels of practice and technique. This "building-blocks" approach can result in a much more efficient progression through a specific learning curve by making it easier to advance at each step.

About the Series: Guitar Scales and Modes Trainer - Major Scale
This series is designed to help you learn and memorize the major scale and modes by focusing on each mode position individually, then gradually connecting them together to cover every position of the fret board. Each mode position is explored in depth to gradually develop your technique using scalar melodic sequences, intervals, and arpeggios. For every exercise, music and tablature notation are provided, as well as recommended fret board fingerings.

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