The Change You Want! Change Your Mindset, and Change Your Life

Our thoughts, beliefs and experiences are the building blocks that shape our mindset, and in turn determine our desired outcomes. Start to positively shape your mindset and you will take the outcomes in your life from good to great – whether in your personal life or your career or business.

This book will provide you with simple but powerful steps you can take each day to start shaping your minds More

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About oliveblue

Yvonne is passionate about positive change. She works with individuals, entrepreneurs and organisations to help them implement change, drive results and achieve their goals. She enjoys working with them to identify solutions and determine the right course of actions that takes them from good to great.

She is an inspirational speaker, change management consultant, and certified John C. Maxwell coach & teacher on leadership principles.

The invaluable experience she has gained from working with a diverse group of clients globally, as well as her formal education in coaching, entrepreneurship and organisational change management equips her with the knowledge and tools to help her consistently drive desired results required by the individuals and organisations she works with.

She holds a BSc Honours in Business Information Technology & Marketing, and an MBA with Warwick Business School, England. Her international experience-Europe, Africa and North America-has afforded her exposure to diverse environments and a proficiency in thinking outside the box.

She has received several awards in the past; including 'Young Entrepreneur' of the Year from the 'European Federation of Black Women Business Owners' and Shell Livewire Business Prize Award for new business development, but her greatest reward is helping others achieve the success they want.

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