Bursting Free

Freedom is what drives us out of darkness. In this unique novel, the character faces dark moments of her own. She has to alter her existence and make decisions about her mental position and state. Having kept dark secrets for many years, she needs to decide to break the code of silence, or not. Her life situation and tormenter has isolated her. How does she find the one person she can trust... More

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About Ronell Groenewald

I started writing from a very early age. My love for writing was actually inspired by my love for reading. I love reading and I remember my walks with my daddy, as we sauntered off to the nearest library for our weekly dose of fun between the pages.
Plainly, I read because I saw my dad read. I am passionate about reading and always encourage my children to read, I believe reading is what makes one grow. My love for reading developed into a love for writing. As I my character developed through the years, I found it interesting to know how words are shaped and used in a sentence, I wanted to form the magical world of writing, for myself – and I did.

I found that in writing, one can create most anything. I love imagination, I love putting it down on paper, and that makes me write from the core of my being.
We live in a very beautiful city, down here in Cape Town. During the summer season, our beaches are packed and everyone who is anyone gets out to the beach to grab a piece of the sun. In autumn our wind picks up and we are called the city of Storms! Nevertheless, we love our city, windy or not.
The heart of Cape Town is rich and warm, and you can feel it in the emotion and presence of good people who often walk the streets, I love walking in the city, you get to meet so many people of different backgrounds and culture.
My favourite holiday destination is The Bahamas, although I’ve never been there, I am envisioning myself to be there shortly. I love playing with my children, and through playing with them, I get to know them. I encourage all parents to spend time with their children – children are the Kingdom of Heaven, and it is true!
I love seeing children happy, and I love entertaining them, therefore my children have inspired me to write a series of children’s books.

You can find me on Twitter @RonnyG1122
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Drop me an email: ronnyswriting@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you,
Until next time and see you soon.
Love, Light and Peace.

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