The Contradiction Phenomenon (a story of a naturally unnatural world)

Is everything random or is is everything connected? Perhaps the answer lies in something that would never be suspected as a worthy explanation. As I write the synopsis, I wonder if I should tell you or maybe I should make you read the book to find out. It's so much more fun that way.
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About Twisty Ceives

You are here for multiple reasons. Many of which you do not yet understand. However, beyond the chaos of your thoughts there is an underline destiny that caused you to visit this page.

So you can either except where you are right now or you can choose to leave; but choosing to leave would be no choice at all. Also remember my agenda to reveal what is concealed, to illuminate what is dark and to unveil the secrets that have so been programmed into your subconscious mind by frenzied lunatics in places high.

As you may know, there is a system set in place on this world which may have its levels of benefits but in the ending crusade is perversely simple. It is meant, like a sieve, to separate truth from fact so that they, the frenzied lunatics, may give their crooked perspective of the “facts” and hold back the truth that we so readily deserve. So I, Twisty Ceives, have taken it upon myself to twist their twisted laws so that you, the Reader, may know the actual truth.

So please, feel free to read some of my writings and follow me on social network pages dedicated to my name, for as of now, the shackles that have been cast upon you by systematic thinking are now loosed temporarily so that you may find the truth; the actual truth.

Twisty Ceives (mr. ceives)

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