Let's Play on Valentine's Day

Adult Erotica
Rated 4.33/5 based on 3 reviews
Who doesn’t love a bit of kinky play on Valentine’s Day?
Take a short and personal, yet ravishing trip to some eccentric word play made just for you on Valentine’s Day.
This flash fiction story gets up close and personal and takes the reader on a one of a kind journey through an entirely sexy Guessing Game.
It’s amazing what 1000 words can accomplish! More
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Synful Desire reviewed on on April 8, 2015

“Let’s Play on Valentine’s Day” is a delectable morsel for those who are fans of teasing and light bondage. Sometimes it is the ambiance of being restrained and the thrill of the torment that can generate the most powerful of orgasms. If that isn’t your cup of tea, then you are free to not hit the “add to my library” button or if you have already added it, chalk it up to DNF (do not finish) or delete it.

For me, “Let’s Play on Valentine’s Day” isn’t really erotica, nor is it LGBT. It’s a game of “what is it” meshed with sensual undertones. The wordplay is delectable—Adonis does a great job at delivering imagery without teetering into vulgarity.

I would have liked for a bit more italicization to be used, and this is more of a “ME” quirk than anything. In my erotic writing, I tend to use italics not just to indicate emphasis but also intimacy. I think if it would have been utilized a tad more, it would have conveyed an additional level of one-on-one.

I would recommend for: readers who like sensual as opposed to sexual, fans of voyeurism as opposed to exhibitionism, and light bondage advocates.

Overall Synful Thoughts: Drool worthy but not a full-fledged panty soaker.

3 out of 5 Stars.
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Queen of Spades reviewed on on March 23, 2015

I’m not sure what genre classification would be proper for this work. It isn’t quite erotic, although some nice action involving light bondage is hinting at in this micro short. It’s not exactly ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ either, because although the reader is in essence the subject, the author is the master and sets the rules. Therefore, it is a guessing game.

The side of me that likes a bit of mystery almost wishes the author didn’t reveal the treat at the end. Yet, the other part of me likes the revelation because it is a test to how the sensual dirt that resides in a reader’s mind.

This is a morsel of steamy sensuality—just enough to whet the appetite, without offending those who dislike imagery that is over the top or too blatant.
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Y Correa reviewed on on Feb. 16, 2015

This story is an adorable yet, creative story that implies sexuality and sensuality, but is more for fun.
I really enjoyed the author's approach at the narrative. The main character is YOU (the reader). It's an interactive path to a carnal and tactile twist on a Guessing Game.
Truth be told, I blushed a little when I started reading it. I almost felt naughty for enjoying it. Then by the end I was laughing out loud.

I wound up having to read the story twice.

The first time was out of curiosity, and generally wanting to read this flash fiction that claimed to deliver something interesting. That's really hard to do in a 1000 word story.

The second time I went back through it, laughing, as I realized that the author used quite a bit of wordplay to make the story seem naughty, although it was all in good fun.
In two words ...?
It delivered.

I totally recommend this micro-short. Good stuff.
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