Moons of Solisticia - Book 2 of The Nether Chronicles

Ten years ago, humans created machines so powerful that they became aware of the world around them. The bots improved themselves until their intelligence far surpassed all of humanity’s. They used this intellect to take over everything. Their awakening ushered in a time of darkness for all mankind.

Now, Aiden is determined to find a way to help the resistance infiltrate the bots’ network. More

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About K.A. Madison

K.A. Madison lives in Brambleton, VA with his wife and two children. Although he has told stories to his children for years, The Awakening was the first published novel that he's written. Moons of Solisticia, Book #2 in the Nether Chronicles series, is the second. Much of the inspiration he got for the series came to to him after he read The Singularity Is Near, by Ray Kurzweil. He was fascinated by Mr. Kurzweil's scientific explanations of why he thinks humanity will eventually reach an inflection point that allows machine intelligence to surpass ours and become self-aware. He read that book quickly and found himself thinking, What if? What would happen if machines became self-aware and began to realize how much smarter and more powerful they were than their human creators? He decided it would make a great sci-fi story. When he isn't writing, he's working as an IT Manager at a large financial services company in McLean, VA.

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