Jason's Duty

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He was raised country. She was raised in the city. Could they ever see eye to eye? Or would they always fight? Jason knew there was something about Haley Sheridan when she came to his father's ranch. But it's not until certain events happen does he start to really notice her and her broken heart. More

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About Alisha Guenzel

She is a native to New England although she was raised on the plains of West Texas. She has always loved to write stories. But it wasn't until she married her husband did she take a chance on her dream to become a published author. Although writing is her passion, she also loves to spend time with her kids and husband on their five acre ranch.


Review by: Carol Cassada on April 20, 2015 :
Jason’s Duty is a sweet, heartwarming love story that will leave you in a whirlwind of emotions.

Jason is the oldest son in The McGregor family and he’s responsible for running their ranch, when his father gets sick Jason has to step up duties. His world is thrown for a loop when Haley Sheridan and her mother arrive at the ranch. Haley is a city girl who’s dealing with the recent death of her father, her and Jason’s relationship gets off to a rocky start with them getting into arguments and Jason nicknaming her Ice Queen. As Haley’s trip progresses, she helps out at the ranch with the horses and gets a glimpse into Jason’s world. Before long she’s letting her guard down and finds herself confiding in Jason.

I loved how Jason and Haley’s relationship naturally progressed throughout the story. It was cute the way they brought out the best in each other, Jason taught Haley how to let her guard down and she in turn helped him loosen up by having fun dancing and going shopping. I also liked how Jason was conflicted about his feelings for Haley, even though he knew she had a boyfriend that didn’t stop Jason’s love and he wasn’t afraid of telling her that Andrew wasn’t the right man for her.

Even though Jason and Haley are the main focus of the book, the story also touches on the other members of the McGregor family. I loved how close-knit the family was. Jonas and Anna proved they’re the perfect parents by raising their boys to be polite and teaching them valuable life lessons. I also loved the bond Jason had with his brothers Jesse and Jude; my favorite moments in the book are when the boys are teasing each other. Jesse and Jude also had their own side stories about whether they were going to stay and help with the ranch.

The story had me laughing, crying, and wondering what’s next for Jason, Haley, and The McGregors in the next installment.
(reviewed 37 days after purchase)
Review by: Brenda Perlin on March 18, 2015 :
Jason's Duty by Alisha Guenzel is a smooth read and a great start to the first book in The McGregor Saga. A down-home story that read clear and inviting. This is an touching tale that both touched me and captured my interest. The characters are interesting and quirky in their own ways. Easy to get involved in the drama and emotional turns that were entertaining and unpredictable.

The love of horses and family is quite evident as the author writes with great passion.

Quote ~

"The day had been great, but as soon as Andrew called her guard was up again. Jason wanted the Haley that laughed and smiled. Not the one that was prickly and icy. Even when he stole a look at her he noticed her chin a bit higher and more rigid. Like she was trying to hide behind the glare of those blue laser-like eyes."
(reviewed 5 days after purchase)

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