Blood Magic

When they found the first body, no one batted an eye. That was par for the course in Skid Row. But something with these deaths was off. They were made to look like something supernatural. But I knew better. My name is Rick Danvers and I'm an undercover detective with Robbery Homicide, and before the night is over, I'm gonna get to the bottom of the Skid Row Suicides. More
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About Domino Finn

Like most authors, Domino Finn was once a kid. Instead of regaling you with a cute story about his early efforts at writing (actual title: Dinosaur Island), it might be more illuminating to explore his thoughts on pop culture. Domino grew up surrounded by fantasy. There was magic in his books, his movies, and his video games, and it was awesome. But the prevailing attitudes relegated all of it to kid stuff, and that didn't sit well with this kid.

Domino strived to create aged-up versions of his favorite games, comics, and books. Eventually, his passions led to Los Angeles and a career as a video game programmer. But something was missing, and after a decade in the industry, Domino realized that his first love was telling stories. Just not the same kinds of stories.

No more simple good and evil. No more ancient powers bestowed upon reluctant children. The best yarns aren't about saving the world, they're about saving what the hero believes in. The most powerful fantasies aren't just showcases for elemental power, they're about the inner discovery that flourishes alongside the spectacular.

Now, as back then, Domino sees a void in the marketplace. Genre fiction where subtlety is applauded. The impossible presented in a plausible light. A melding of the real and unreal, driven by characters easy to care about. Fantasy for grown-ups.

Defy convention. Take your stand. Read what you believe in.

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