Diamond Boy in the Rough

What if he couldn’t control it?, What if he didn’t want to? Alfie Diamond was re-born and if he ever got up onto his feet again, his first steps would be into a dangerous new world, a world he hoped would not chew him up and spit him out. More
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About Helen Faul

Born in beautiful Cumbria in a seaside town called Whitehaven in 1965,Helen Faul discovered through her life that storytelling came quite naturally to her.
The world of reading was a perfect place to reside as far as she was concerned and consumed books like they were her life blood.
For the longest time her stories gathered momentum buried and filed deep in the recesses of her mind biding their time, waiting for the perfect moment to spring into life, such is this time.
Her frequent moves as youngster built her social skills and willingness to listen to a complete stranger relay their life story, having mixed with the warmth of the Northern folk , to the chatty sunny natures of the midlands, down through the country to stop temporarily with the" Brash" but friendly East Enders, out to the coast for a spell in Southampton and the seaside to finally settle in the glory that is Buckinghamshire.
All these regions, accents and traditions helping her build the characters that appear and will appear within her books existing and those yet come.
Having brought up six children with her childhood sweetheart Mark, now is Helen's perfect time to begin her next adventure and join the "Clan" known as "Author" and indulge her fantasy to slip and willingly fall into the world she is loving to create and hopefully hook her future readers to travel along with her.

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