NovoPulp Anthology - Volume 2

The NovoPulp Anthology is back with it's second volume of speculative fiction, written by and for those who love the genre. Pushing boundaries, asking questions, demanding answers, and even providing some. Bringing back the best of Pulp!

"NovoPulp is an exciting and promising initiative." - Himmelskibet Magazine

"The good old days are back. NovoPulp deserves our attention." - Dr. Edwin Thomasson More

Available ebook formats: epub

About Hermit Studio

Hermit Studio is based at Hermit House, in the countryside outside Copenhagen, Denmark. We are a small studio whose focus is on Web development and content creation. We manage a project called NovoPulp: The Speculative Fiction Anthology.

"We collect, anthologise, and produce one volume a year of the very best Speculative Fiction that G+ can provide. All comers are welcome – we want everyone to have the chance to put their ideas before the world, to be the one who saw what the rest of us didn’t – or wouldn’t – and so change the world..."

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