Beyond Compassion

This story was inspired by Cathryn’s personal loss of, first her pet, and then, nine months later, her Mother. To her surprise Cathryn found that combining her expertise on the inner child with the Energy Therapy of Meridian Tapping Techniques she was able to pre-grieve and hold the vibration of compassion in her heart prior, during, and after this loss. The book inspires you to do the same.
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About Cathryn Taylor

Cathryn Taylor is the author of THE INNER CHILD WORKBOOK, "What To Do With Your Past When It Just Won't Go Away" which was published by Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. in 1991. Since that time it has been translated into Dutch and Spanish; is in its 33rd printing and can still be found on the bookshelves of Barnes and Noble, Borders and independent bookstores. With respect to books on this subject it is listed as the #1 bestseller out of 180 on and #5 out of 390 on
The Inner Child Workbook was one of five books released in the 1980’s which popularized the concept of the inner child. It is considered a classic in the inner child field and has positioned Cathryn as one of the field’s leading experts. Of those five authors, Cathryn is the only one who has continued to develop and apply this concept. She does so because she finds it to be invaluable both in her personal growth and in her professional work with others. She has been conducting workshops, lectures and classes for the past twenty-one years and has authored and recorded a series of lectures which cover topics on the different stages of recovery, issues of the children within and holistic healing.
Cathryn’s approach is ever-evolving --her quest for transformation-- never-ending.

BACKGROUND - Cathryn was licensed in the state of California in 1979 as a Marriage and Family Therapist, was certified in Chemical Dependency in 1985 and is now licensed in the state of Minnesota as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor and as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She is also trained as a Personal Life Coach, an EMDR Practitioner, an Akashic Records Consultant and a practitioner of Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques. Cathryn weaves these modalities with her expertise of the inner child work in a very dynamic and expansive way. Her approach incorporates consultation and facilitation - assisting you in building the relationship between your Higher Self, your Adult self and your Children Within.
Having obtained a BA in Sociology from Texas Christian University at Ft. Worth, Texas in 1970 and a MA in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University at Orinda, California in 1979, Cathryn has worked in the mental health field since 1971. In addition to having a successful private practice, she has also worked as a Family Therapist in Residential Treatment Centers, Inpatient and Outpatient Chemical Dependency Units and an Eating Disorders Clinic. She currently has a private practice in both the Twin Cities area and in San Rafael, California and works as a Chemical Dependency Counselor in the Carver County Matrix Methamphetamine Clinic in Chaska, Minnesota.
Cathryn continues to be interviewed on the areas of her expertise in newspapers as well as on radio and television and presents at numerous Expositions around the country. She was also a featured columnist in THE EDGE, a mid-western, metaphysical, monthly newspaper for over eighteen months and co-hosted a radio talk show in San Francisco for over a year. A seasoned lecturer and facilitator, Cathryn is well known in the mental health community for her expertise.

Each book can be ordered through Cathryn’s website which is

We all have one thing in common. We were all once children and as children we progressed through a series of developmental stages as we traveled into adulthood. The tasks mastered and unmastered follow us into adulthood and become the blueprint for our triumphs and challenges. The Inner Child Workbook, published in 1991 by Jeremy Tarcher, Inc., in its 33rd printing and translated into Dutch and Spanish, offers a map to explore your progression. Presented as a six-step model systematically applied to each developmental stage, this workbook guides you back through your childhood inviting you to identify the children within – divine and wounded. Once there, you are provided with a step-by-step process which assists you in empowering your adult self and connecting with your Higher Source and Higher Self. These partnerships equip you to resolve old hurts, redesign outdated belief systems and reclaim, once and for all, the magnificent passion of the child-infused divinity within you.

Every childhood experience holds within it the seeds of the patterns from which your personality can draw in order to work with the tasks of your Soul. Your childhood experiences provide the canvas from which you work. They provide context. As you travel through childhood and gather your bumps, falls and achievements, you activate the ancient wisdom held in the DNA held in every cell within your physical form. These experiences provide the portal of entry into the tasks of your Soul. They hold the vibrational frequency which resonates with the “energetic disturbances” of the wounds in your Soul’s history. Once detected, you can follow the threads of these vibrations back in time for the neutralization which allow transformation, resolution and reunion. Which Lifetime Is This Anyway, offers a detailed description of these concepts, the author’s personal story of her first “multidimensional bleed through and a Ten-Step formula which guides you through this process.

Your body of today holds the “energetic disturbance” which then, as Gary Craig has so brilliantly put together, holds this anomaly until it is rectified and resolved. This disturbance is held in the etheric body, as well as within the DNA of every cell within your physical form. Often disturbances are expressed in compulsive or addictive behaviors which discharge the energy but prohibit you from learning how to cope with and resolve the energetic patterns of the original situation. Life Beyond Confusion and Fear presents a Six-Step Cycle of Addictions and Recovery with accompanying worksheets and journal experiences. Each exercise invites you to track the origin of your behavior, identify the inner child who holds the blueprint of that behavior and offers viable direction for the resolution of that behavior.

Your body does not lie. It holds the truth of all of your unresolved patterns. SOUL STEPS is a 90-day program which invites you to integrate your body, mind, heart and soul through what Taylor calls “conscious aerobic exercise.” This program uses your body as the vehicle for transformation. It engages your mind which benefits from understanding the higher purpose of your experiences. This understanding allows your ego to surrender to the transformative process with humility and honor. Its need is met by consulting with the wisdom from the unseen in any way you choose. Your Soul or Spirit holds the essence of your imprint from Source -- fluid, yet dense enough to hold an impression. It carries your energetic vibration which then out pictures and manifests in the events you attract into your life. The heart of your divine Inner Child holds the magic of this essence and your wounded Inner Child holds the disturbances which provide the opportunity for growth. Meditative exercise provides the viable platform to work with all of these aspects simultaneously. It offers a way to “take a soul step” with your higher teachers, higher self and your earthly body -- a way to engage with your inner child and offer him or her healing.

Today, we draw on the wisdom being brought to us through Esther Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham and by accessing the Records of the Soul held in the Akashic field. Our mind quiets when it has a context for our pain. It can then categorize our experience and make some sense of the patterns of our behavior and the choices we make in life. This understanding begins to work. We can send out intentions out to the Universe and be confident our dreams will manifest. Share the Gift invites you to teach your inner child the laws of the Universe and neutralize his or her fears with the techniques of the energy therapy of the Meridian Tapping Techniques (which include EFT). The modality presented equips you with the tools to attract that which you desire and deserve. This four-part E book applies this approach to attracting abundance, right livelihood, relationships and reciprocal partnerships.

Your heart holds the vibration of your connection to your Soul. Its vehicle is emotion. It is no coincidence that the human heart is what keeps the body alive and that it has become the expression for love and pain… “…Sometimes my heart feels too small…”“…My heart is shattered…it is broken and in need of repair…” Loss provides an avenue to access the vibration of pain and transmute it to joy and bliss. This story was inspired by Cathryn’s personal loss of, first her pet, and then, nine months later, her Mother. Much to her surprise Cathryn found that by combining her expertise on the inner child with the Energy Therapy of Meridian Tapping Techniques (which includes Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques) she was able to pre-grieve and hold the vibration of compassion in her heart prior to, during and after this loss. Beyond Compassion inspires readers to do the same.

Testimonials from 4-week Class presented at Unity of the Valley Church in Savage, Minnesota– Summer of 2007

A couple days after taking Cathryn's class on abundance, I was mowing grass in a low area sometimes filled with water and to my amazement a $20 bill came spitting out the side of my mulcher mower. WOW was I surprised, abundance was flowing into my life! Thanks Cathryn this was a great learning experience!
Deanna R.

Taking Cathryn's class gave me deeper insight to why I was struggling to manifest what I wanted in certain areas of my life. I have applied the EFT techniques she taught us and this has helped not only neutralize the energy of my inner child, but also give me more insight into her wounds, feel great compassion for her when the wound comes up, and to give her what she needs from me to feel safe and loved. A huge piece for me was to become more aware of when my inner child's issues were triggered and to not "collapse" into the energy field of the wound, but to see it for what it is - become the observer and then to neutralize it, give her what she needs and move on.
Terese M.

Teach Your Inner Child the Magic of "The Secret" Workshop was very enlightening to me. I learned techniques and new ways to heal the inner children within me. Cathryn Taylor is a very powerful speaker and her presentation of the materials was easy and fun. I would recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to improve their present day situations.
Kathy M.

Testimonials from participants who have attended Cathryn’s 2007 Series – a monthly seminar offered at Echo Bodine’s Center in Minneapolis

I cannot thank Cathryn enough for her very special gifts that she brings to this world and to my life. Upon my father’s death in October 2006, the dysfunctional cracks in my family structure became huge chasms between my six siblings. My soul was in pain and my Higher Power and Guides lead me to Cathryn Taylor's monthly Inner-Child workshops. I knew through my 17 years of sobriety and recovery that the inner-child has needed to be healed. It wasn't until I started working with Cathryn that I am finally starting to heal on a new dimension -a much more spiritual level. She has lead me through the Inner-child developmental stages and healing, introduced me to a whole new beautiful world through the teachings of Abraham, and EFT.
Teresa S.

Cathryn’s Monthly Seminars during this 2007 Series have kept me sane and on a path of recovery and spiritual enhancement. Never before did I realize that who stood in my way of getting what I wanted was merely this little one inside who needed my attention and love. Her recent addition of the EFT tapings and showing the Abraham DVD’s has added spice to her already delicious recipe of change.
Jennifer T.

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