Dappa & Nappa - Verdens mindste superhelte

En sød og sjov historie om selvværd, dumme tanker og meget små superhelte. More

Available ebook formats: epub

About Pernille Sorensen

Pernille Sorensen is a Danish children’s book author. She has currently published two books on Dappa & Nappa, the world’s smallest superheroes.

The books are for children aged 4-5 years up to 8-9 years and is about the body’s inner life and children’s feelings and thoughts. They have been translated into English, German, Spanish and Russian.

So far, Pernille has written three additional stories, all of which have the tiny superheroes Dappa and Nappa in the lead roles, so more books are on the way.

In addition to her work as an author, Pernille has worked as an energy therapist since 2004 with her focus being on stress and disease management.

Pernille currently lives in Søborg, Denmark with her husband.

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