The Yoga of Self-Inquiry: the Essence of Ramana Maharshi's Non-Dual Advaita Meditation for Enlightenment

Ramana Maharshi's method of Self-inquiry remains mysterious. In the concentrated new guide "The Yoga of Self-Inquiry," Ramaji reveals the steps and signs of success when following Ramana's path. Ramaji explains how to drop the mind into the heart. Then he covers advanced topics like Sahaja, Hridayam, Amrita Nadi and Aham Sphurana neglected by other contemporary non-duality teachers and authors. More
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About Ramaji

Ramaji teaches Advaita and non-duality in San Diego, California. There is a monthly Satsang meeting in the area organized via He delivers the RASA spiritual transmission for enlightenment in person and around the world over Skype and via live video streaming at The best way to reach him is via his web site

Ramaji is the author of "1000," a groundbreaking guide to the path of enlightenment and the levels of consciousness from the lowest to the highest. He is also the author of "Who Am I? Meditation" and "The Yoga of Self-Inquiry."

Ramaji works with students all over the world via email and Skype. He has students in Australia, United Kingdom, Scotland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Russia, Turkey, India, Canada and the United States. The RASA transmission in support of non-dual awakening includes a one hour consultation where you can ask any questions that you want. After you have a Skype RASA session with Ramaji, you have unlimited access to him via email.

RASA (Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement) delivers the Grace of Divine Mother for rapid spiritual awakening. Although this Grace or Blessing has the power to quickly raise your level of consciousness, it is very gentle. Some people have shifted into enlightenment (abiding in non-duality) immediately after receiving RASA.

Ramaji is also the author of "The Spiritual Heart." It explains the path of Self-inquiry meditation for the Western seeker and goes into depth about the I-thought, the Heart on the right, Kundalini and other important factors that Ramana Maharshi talked about but rarely get discussed in the modern non-duality scene.

His one of a kind meditation guide called "No Mind No Problem" reveals a new way of dealing with the mind that embraces what is while allowing your natural wholeness and happiness to emerge in a fun friendly effortless way. People tired of repetitive methods will enjoy his approach which encourages the empowering joys of creativity, relaxation and self-discovery.

Ramaji also offers free high energy spiritual music at Attuned to non-dual frequencies, this music is designed to facilitate your enlightenment. The 8 songs that are free to listen to online are available as an mp3 album called "Supreme Self." One of the songs -- "Supreme Self 1000" -- is a musical rendition of the teachings about levels of consciousness (LOCs) found in Ramaji's book "1000."

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