The Big Six, Nr 2: Health - how to get it and keep it

This is the second of six short, practical "self-help" books called The Big Six. The Big Six are: Success, Health, Work, Learning, Money and Love. John Steinberg summarizes some of the best advice in short, to-the-point e-books that gather the best advice of some of the world's most popular, informative and encouraging books about self-improvement. This books is about health - get it - keep it! More

Available ebook formats: epub

About John Steinberg

Ph.D. in educational psychology. John is the author of 48 printed books, 30 e-books and 600 columns. Born in the USA, living in Sweden since 1971. Former university lecturer och elementary school principal. John Steinberg is known for enthusiasm, passion and his unique ability to combine theory and practice in his writings and public speaking. Lecture topics include: Strength finding, Strength based coaching, Humanistic Leadership, Classroom management, Co-coaching and The future of learning and education.

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