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The legend said that the weapon-bearers used them to defeat the Gods. That when these great warriors vanished and the memory of their actions was forgotten, their weapons were lost also. Not all of them though. Some were kept, preserved by men of knowledge.

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About Angelo Tsanatelis

Angelo (Aggelos) Tsanatelis was born in Athens, Greece on October 24th 1979. He lived for seven years in Bulgaria, where he studied Law at the University of Sofia. During his studies he traveled in Europe and Africa, undertaking 'daring expeditions that no one ever heard about, visited mysterious locations or simply searched for hidden treasures in the most unlikely of places' as he quoted himself in a interview in 2012. After he finished his studies he worked in the private sector for several years before he realized his childhood dream and became an author. His first novel already many years in the making was Origins, the 1st episode in the Living Sword Chronicles series and it was published in April of 2011. It was followed by the novelette, the Rootless set in the same universe and the sequel to Origins, the Lodge & the Tribe.

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The Living Sword Chronicles (Book I: Origins) v2
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Naomi Sabini reviewed on Sep. 5, 2011

I read this a while back on paperback and I enjoyed it. Swords and bad guys, dark fantasy at its best. A little strange writing style but once I got used to it I was able to read in two days. I give it a 3.5 because I wanted more romance. If you show the goods let us have more than a taste yes? Good first installment and probably very interesting series.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Jason Sanders reviewed on Sep. 2, 2011

I've read this on kindle first at the start of the summer and reread it yesterday testing my friends nook. My review stands the same. It's the one I had given for it on Goodreads. Maybe it should have been a bit longer but overall a good story, with very interesting characters. A grant prologue in a way, for the sequels (two as I understand) that I've read, are on their final stages. I loved the fact that although opened-ended, this could serve as a standalone novel. But plainly it is not the whole story. Maybe a touch too violent, surprisingly romantic in its own way, with some really dubious villains, but you expect as much from a sword and sandal period novel. Superb first novel 4.5 stars easily.

PS. The Asian guy reminded me a little, of Yoda, in a less moral way.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Milena Doseva reviewed on Sep. 2, 2011

A touching tale, with a real-life common teen, as a protagonist, thrown into a violent, unforgiving world, from the very first page and asked to swim or die. I enjoyed it a lot and I eagerly wait for the sequel to come out. Simple, fast reading and funny.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Vera Gustev reviewed on Sep. 1, 2011

After some getting used to, with the author's style, I enjoyed it, it was getting better & better as it moved along, until the unexpected finale; the battle scene at the end of the 1st chapter was epic! I've read the 2nd edition.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Mary Kyriakou reviewed on Sep. 1, 2011

I first read this on my kindle a couple of months back, having bought it from another online shop. It is the first book in a series spanning now 2 novels and a novelette, the Rootless.
The overall story has your typical historical fantasy book premise at least at the beginning. A boy joins up with an older wiser warrior and they go on adventure after adventure, meeting interesting characters in what seems to be a pre-medieval Europe. An interesting back-story and extremely violent fights supplement it well enough and slowly the whole thing changes transforming in what is for me a classic Dark Horror Fantasy story. Meaning no clear heroes except the, slightly clueless at times, protagonist of course and an abundance of bad guys. I loved it!
Lacking a bit in the romance angle and fixed most of the early editing problems typical in an indie book after the 2nd edition. Personally I read it in my vacations and now I'm anxiously waiting to devour the sequel.

I've read the 2nd edition.

the following is my review for the paperback edition I did a little while back.
A good fast read, with nice characters and lots of action. Interesting story overall that keeps you wanting for more. The ending was a surprise that brought the story at full circle. I recommend it, five stars.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Hari Gopal reviewed on Aug. 31, 2011

According to Aldiko, I'm at the 27th page of a total 160 that this book possesses, and I've encountered dozens of grammatical mistakes, and improper word uses. This writing is dreadfully boring, and sentence construction is headache-inducing.

Yes, you may think that I'm not giving this book a chance but, quite frankly, I'm not willing to spend time on something that reads like an inept high-schooler's D-grade essay. The only upside, as far as I can tell, is that I spent only $2 to get this on smashwords.

You should take away two words from this review: Stay. Away.
(reviewed 34 days after purchase)

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