Negligent Neighbour: New Zealand's Complicity in the Invasion and Occupation of Timor-Leste

Negligent Neighbour reveals the previously hidden history of New Zealand’s support for the invasion and occupation of East Timor.

From 1975-1999 the people of East Timor lived and died under Indonesia’s colonial yoke. Indonesia relied on western support for both the invasion and occupation of East Timor, but until now New Zealand’s role has been forgotten or mentioned only in passing. More

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About Maire Leadbeater

Maire Leadbeater

Maire Leadbeater has had a long-term involvement with peace and human rights movements. Maire was active in the Auckland East Timor Independence Committee until 2000, and is now active in West Papua Action Auckland.

Books published: (2006 )Negligent Neighbour: New Zealand’s complicity in the invasion and occupation of Timor-Leste. Nelson: Craig Potton
(2013) Peace, power & politics : how New Zealand became nuclear free. Dunedin; Otago University Press.

Chapter: (2005) Henderson,J. and Watson,G (Eds)Securing a Peaceful Pacific. Christchurch: Canterbury University Press. Expediency, Hypocrisy, Policy pp 492-499

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