Only Two Ways Left

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Ten million people die every year due to pollution. Yet year in and year out, no tangible action is being taken even to mitigate the situation. After decades upon decades of inaction, the conclusion needs to be very clear to us. The 99%, the most powerful force, is in line of extinction to de-crowd the planet. More
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About Jan Goopta

The writer is a retired businessman who came up the hard way. A time came when all the pent up feelings found a practical way to resolve things which had troubled him as though an inner voice gave instructions as to what was to be done. The result is this intentionally small book. He felt that democracy is the best way to govern us but its shortcomings are a great source of our worries. Resolution of problems by reasonable arguments seem to fail and the ever present greed appears to be perpetually present in all aspects of life. He felt that it is unjust to allow people to go hungry and there was an urgent need to cut the shackles that bind us and to be truly able to hold our heads high. Wars, we know, have not improved our situations and have only brought sorrow and destruction and yet we continue to build killing equipment as though they would bring us peace and happiness. In spite of all the goodness of all religions which we have been following for thousands of years, our divisive ways keep on multiplying. He felt that there has to be a break somewhere otherwise situations are going to make us so very individualistic that we will become truly lonely in a crowded world. The dangers we are facing from climate change, possibilities of a 3rd world war, financial conditions where we live on loans, all gave an impetus to the writing of this book. The writer feels that this is possibly the only solution we have.

Breaking away from something is never easy. The writer, a firm believer in God, also believes in the goodness of his creations including mankind. He feels that circumstances will one day make us take a better road to our happiness. This road has perhaps been laid out in this book.

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Reviews of Only Two Ways Left by Jan Goopta

Al Garland reviewed on Jan. 30, 2022

A thought-provoking read, In the interest of full disclosure, I have been an advocate for Human and Planetary Rights for over 40 years, and we've been fast-tracking our extinction for that entire length of time. This book is a must-read for everyone who cares about the planet and those who exist by here good graces!. Jan Goopta, thank you for inspiring us all.
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Elena Mauri reviewed on Jan. 6, 2022

Excellent synthesis of the current real Climate Emergency facing humanity. Jan Goopta gives a concise overview and valid solutions, reminding us that we must ACT NOW. We need UNITY, if the 1% the of world population remains dormant to this major emergency, then we, the 99% must unite, to fight this major global challenge.
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Bithornt reviewed on July 12, 2021

If we want to get serious about mitigating climate change sufferìng this book covers the areas of concern and suggest changes that need to take place. We can't say we didn't have a chocice with litterature like this out there.
Everyone should read this. The government will likely be forcing something like this. Better to have it under OUR control.
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Robin Lloyd reviewed on June 13, 2021

This is a short read, that’s hold good information and is well presented. He has some valid points on the issues, and some great suggestions on how to address several issues. Social impact in city dwellings can well be addressed with implementing the approach presented.
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Maurice reviewed on May 13, 2021

A thought provoking write up on man's relationship and negligence of nature and some ideas given on how to rectify them. A thought provoking treatise. A must read for all.
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Josiah Haltom reviewed on March 27, 2021

This book offers sound, epistemological reasoning which spells-out-for-us just how important it is for humanity to upgrade our social systems and reorganize communities as soon as possible! We are so out of balance with the powers of Nature. The title of this book says-it-all. There really are "ONLY TWO WAYS LEFT: CONTINUE AS PRESENT AND PERISH OR CHANGE." Goopta has made it crystal clear as to why and how this unfortunate reality should become an easy choice that the entire planet can indeed make together.

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EMIEDAFE EDHERUE, Jr reviewed on Nov. 10, 2020

This eBook has a very practical way whereby humanity can have a life of ease and happiness without discriminating against anyone at all and at the same time, getting rid of all of our problems including COVID at the earliest. There has never been a system change which is totally painless and can be implemented without hassle, forthwith. Wish the eBook great success.
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Oluwaseyi Abiola reviewed on Aug. 18, 2020

Very impressive only two way left addresses how human greed has destroying our planet and also provided possible solutions to change our worlds.This ebook worth sharing
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Emmanuel Abuh reviewed on July 28, 2020

Only Two Ways left addresses human fundamental issues.
The root causes to our struggles not just the symptoms.
Awake call for everyone, a need for change challenging the old abnormal creating and adopting the new normal.

The book is timely and catchy the title is perfect and the content is deep.

It is worth reading.
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Suyog Dixit reviewed on May 13, 2020

Beautiful,thought provoking book.
Much needed work in the crucial times.
Highlights very critical issues.
It will definitely help the humanity to address the suicidal path on which the current economic system is taking us.
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