Economic Jihad: Putting the Kibosh on Antiquated Social Axioms Defining Us

Fifty Five Shades of Political Economy…. Economic theorists since their inception over 200 years ago, have struggled with the question of how to distribute wealth and continue to come up short. The author is not only criticizing capitalism, but finally has brought to the table, a new thought provoking alternative to the economic cannibalistic system. More

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About Jo M. Sekimonyo

Congolese roots, American fermented, globally bottled, pleasure and agony canvasser, and an Ideological Mambi (nonconformist). A machetero deliberately confronted by corybantic circumstances of existing. I fondly pride myself on having a rhinoceros tough skin, safeguarding me against the usual flapdoodle. I am fiercely opinionated and allergic to poorly patched arguments. I delight in wreaking havoc on psychological and cerebral closed-mindedness just as any form of fanaticism or fallacy like a poltergeist. The older I get, no matter how much I try, the more I fail in gagging my anguish and anger over parochialism in all its shapes and forms. I cannot just bring myself to accept intolerance or prejudice as life.

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