Rise of the Blood Queen - Chyld of Prophecy

When pirates invade the peaceful city of South Wind and kidnap the princess, the king of Alaria seeks out the elven mercenary Stormchyld. All is not how it seems however. For inside the enigmatic winter elf a secret lay dormant, a secret even he was not aware of. To uncover the enemy's agenda and unlock the secret within him, Storm must face his fears, and the past he left behind. More

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Fiction » Fantasy » Epic
Words: 84,340
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310701429
About Frost

I was born in Anchorage Alaska and lived there until my grandfather started having problems with the cold. So my mother, brother, grandparents, and I got in a big blue bus and headed south in search of warmer weather. Although I was only six at the time, snow is one of the most distinctive memories I have. When I find myself surrounded by snow, I have the strangest sense of being home.

After traveling south through Canada, my family moved around the Pacific Northwest several times before finally taking root. My grandparents would make their home in Corvallis, Oregon. My mother, brother, and I would eventually settle in Astoria, a small town on the coast of Oregon.

My bloodlines are an eclectic quartet of Cherokee, Irish, and English, with the last quarter being a mix of other various lineages. I have always identified very strongly with my Cherokee blood, even though I have never had the opportunity to connect with my tribe.

I love nature. I love watching lightning rip across the sky, and snow flakes drift gently to the ground. I love the sound of heavy rain bouncing across the roof, and thunder booming across the sky. I love the feel of bark as you slide your hand down it's surface, and waves washing across your toes. I love the scent of moss and the heady perfume of flowers. I love the clean taste of fresh air. Sometimes I will even stand beneath a torrential down pour of rain feeling the water cascade down my skin, washing the pain away, even if for only a moment.

Growing up I dreamt of being three things; A SWAT Officer, a Navy Seal sniper, or a hit man. I grew out of that phase though, and changed my aspirations to something a little more reasonable. I decided I wanted to be an actor, musician, and a writer. Not just one, but all three. The connection between these wonderful forms of art is expression, and their ability to convey profound ideas to the masses, whilst simultaneously entertaining them. I think that is the biggest reason I wanted to be a storyteller, so that I could share these beautiful characters and worlds with an audience.

Now, I can finally say I am a writer. It's a wonderful feeling knowing that after struggling for so long to achieve one of those seemingly long lost dreams that I have now made it my reality. While I still aspire toward my other goals, both old and new, I don't want to lose sight of writing. I want to continue to write for years to come and share my visions with all of you.

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