Seven Deadly Sins - Romance Horror Anthology From The Fringe

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Seven Deadly Sins – Romance Horror Anthology From The Fringe eclipses the clashing worlds of horror and romance with seven stories of bone-chilling love. Produced by authors from Fringe Fiction, a Goodreads group focused on finding rare gems in indie fiction, the best stories are showcased in this bittersweet anthology.

Featuring stories by: Sarah Roberts, Justin Bienvenue, Rachel Chanticleer, Ra More
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About The Fringe

The Fringe is comprised of indie authors and artists who, in addition to all being members of the Goodreads group Fringe Fiction, share the belief that creativity can grow and thrive in an atmosphere of respect, honesty, and friendship.

Publishing is rich with hidden gems and diamonds-in-the-rough that belong to self-published, indie and otherwise underappreciated authors. Fringe Fiction is devoted to those who admire such individuals and want an outlet to discuss under-the-radar books with readers eager to discover fresh talent by obscure authors. Indie aficionados who welcome such recommendations and are enthusiastic about giving them are encouraged to let members know what they might be overlooking in the lesser-known corners of publishing.

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Reviews of Seven Deadly Sins - Romance Horror Anthology From The Fringe by The Fringe

Ed Ireland reviewed on April 12, 2015

It's entertainment. There are seven stories following a specific theme of romance as seen through the dark, twisted world of horror.
Not all of the stories are top notch. Doesn't matter, as they all succeed at bringing a level of creepiness to a subject that should be free of such things. At the very least, you'll end each one with a WTF on your lips.
"The Mortician's Temptation" gets you going down a dark road. You might not feel the same on further stories and others might make the road darker depending on what strikes your nerves in that special way.
All in all, a good read. This group supports Indie Authors and pushes them to the forefront. Groups like this are ground breakers and deserve every ounce of support they can get. Grab a copy, zero in on your favorite and be sure to spread the word.
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Harold Clemons reviewed on April 12, 2015

An interesting spin on two staple genres and the classic theme of the seven sins.

First to dispense with the general negatives. I didn't care for the poem. Just my preference, but it was a little hokey. Like most indie products, this piece would have benefited from more editing.

Over all, the stories were great. They clearly sold the ideas of sin, horror, and romance.
If I had to pick a favorite it would be the opening story, "The Mortician's Temptation." This story was really clever because it showed the MC's sin through the performance of his duties. Creepy on many levels and yet the author was able to create a sense of sensuality that was intriguing and disturbing at the same time.

If I had to pick a least favorite it would be the closing story, "Late." It was written well, but a bit typical and safe. Neither of the primary characters were very interesting or sympathetic. It wasn't a bad story and I would still recommend giving it a read.
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Jacek Slay reviewed on April 12, 2015

Seven short stories by indie authors of Fringe Fiction Goodreads group, revolving around the theme of Biblical seven deadly sins.

Just like any other anthology, good stories mix up with not so good ones. Sometimes it's clearly visible that those are indie authors with all their flaws (Bienvenue's story is definitely the best example of that) but there are also some perils.

I might say, the further you go, the better it goes. While the anthology starts in a pretty slow and mediocre matter, it finishes in a great way. Although all the stories are really short and it should take more than a couple minutes to read each one, they have their depth.

First two stories - didn't convince me at all. "The Mortician's Temptation" is just a mediocre story, "The Hunger of Love" loses pretty much on its apparent lack of proper proofreading. But then it gets much better. The next two ones are really decent - nothing really extraordinary though, but definitely the stories above average and worth reading. And then the last three - without a doubt the strongest asset of "Seven Deadly Sins".

It's a really good, quick and solid lecture. Doesn't take much time, tackles the topic in a pretty decent way... given the fact that it's available for free, definitely something I might recommend.
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