A Dozen Roses

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Not your usual wimpy-woman wanna-be erotica. Written by a gal trying to regain her own sexual mojo fighting her way out of HSDS/HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Syndrome/Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder). Erotic romance ranging from mild to wild, exhibitionism, experimental sex, and a trip from the virgin land, just to name a few. More

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About Rose Maru

Born a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... no, wait, that wasn't me, but sometimes it certainly seems like it.

Before getting into all the fun details, I want to clear the air of a rather large aspect of my writing because it has a huge impact on my work: I have HSDS (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Syndrome). In fact, if it weren't for my HSDS, I wouldn't be here and you wouldn't be there reading this - my previously unpublished writings were explorations into kick-starting my, ahem, 'motor.' I tried to explore anything that might cause a little tingle below, even ideas and concepts my thinking brain refused to hear. Creating an alter-ego in my stories allowed me to safely penetrate the veil of non-existence - I was forced to think about sexy thoughts and situations.

I wrote for years covering a wide range of topics, my husband providing a large number of seedlings from which to grow my stories (HSDS... what do you expect? Much to my dismay, what I learned to expect was very raunchy pillow-talk. Much to his dismay, he learned to expect me to leap from bed saying, "Oh! That is so good, I've got to write it down!"). It turns out, writing romantic erotica usually wasn't doing it for me. I gave up on it for a period of time - in essence, I gave up trying to help myself, as well.

Then my significant's bright idea: if it didn't help me, maybe it would help someone else. I was back to writing again, or more correctly, preparing my work for release unto an unsuspecting public (I have now officially absolved myself from any evil that befalls you after reading my books - it's all his fault). So I dredged up my folder of rough and unpolished stories - damn, I wrote this much? No wonder I wasn't having sex, I was busy writing about it. (Fib alert: so not true it's not funny. Not the 'not having sex' part, but the lack of bedroom action wasn't really due to my writing.)

An odd thing happened, though, as I was rereading my material and editing it. I felt a little something that I hadn't experienced in a long time. I actually felt a little tingle from down below. That soft little call, while editing some stories, started to get a little louder - still very quiet, but it was most certainly there where it hadn't been for decades. I gave in to the siren call almost immediately - surprised the hell out of my husband (thank goodness it wasn't the UPS guy at the door during those moments). Complete, spontaneous, due-to-my-doing rumpy-bumpy. Holy humper, Batman, I'm fixed!

I wish. It disappeared again, just as easily slipping back into my 'normal abnormal' routine of never thinking about it within hours. Back to editing. Being the patient sort, I allowed myself to edit a whole three paragraphs before anguish sets in, "It's not working! Ah! I'm broken forever!" Luckily, I have a never say die attitude (Fib alert: ... no, wait, this isn't my stories where I have to include a 'truth' section - let me have my freaking moment), and said, "Piss on it, I'm still going to release my work. I've come this far."

And so it went - although much to my joy (and my hubby's) - every so often, I'd find myself showing such obvious responses to passages, it was apparent to even an HSDS girl - and we'd make joy (sometimes several times) to the situation. I wasn't fixed, but at least I had a crutch.

Which leaves me editing my old material, exploring new, and tormenting you with it - where I hope it does you some good, too. If it can't make you happy that way, I hope it'll at least provide you a little laugh the other way - especially since I do provide a 'Truth and Consequences' side to all my stories at the end of each book where I detail the nitty-gritty and harsh reality of every piece. This allows everyone's inner voyeur to be released because my HSDS does a great job of preventing me from grasping 'TMI,' so I tend to spill my guts back there in my books.

As for my bio (side note: doesn't that make it an 'auto-bio?'), I'm a cute, twenty-one year-old (Fib Alert! Oh my Lord! If you're writing fantasy-fiction, at least make it believable!) - crap, okay, fine, I'm old enough to probably be your sister - from a second marriage - so we're not blood related, which means you don't have to get all weirded out about reading sex stuff about me) - and I live in the Pacific Northwest where I am still happily married to my first husband (very funny - he edits my other fibs so I have to tell the truth, but leaves the happily married one)... at least until he reads the final published product where I changed the truth section in every book back to being brutally honest contrary to his corrections.

And, yes, that is me on the cover of all my books, but I'm not spilling the beans here, you have to read the book.

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About the Series: Fellowship of the Rose: Sensual Short Stories - Fiction, Truthiness, and Far Too Much Non-Fiction
Collections of sensual and sexy stories where the real and possible worlds collide of a woman with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder / Syndrome (HSDD / HSDS). Rose's ongoing battle with the sexless hole in her brain chemistry which dribbles out into these books as her self-imposed therapy to bring a little tingle back into her cozy, sleeping kitty. Each book contains a mix of fiction and fantasy through vast swaths of the world that is a reality to those with HSDD. Topics range from mild to wild (Parade of Roses has an all-inclusive "Master Index of Kink" to find your favorites) providing something of interest for women, men, couples, and the occasional extra-terrestrial being. All include a Truth and Consequences entry for each story, promoting multiple readings to fully enjoy the nuances of her tail... I mean, "the tale." Proven to be mentally stimulating for those of above average intelligence and willing to find humor in the least likely of places. Individual books easily stands upon its own, although some themes will necessarily recur, and the avid reader will often be rewarded with inside jokes.

Also in Series: Fellowship of the Rose: Sensual Short Stories - Fiction, Truthiness, and Far Too Much Non-Fiction

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Dale McKenzie reviewed on March 14, 2018

Just have to love Rose's books.
I personally am my own harshest critic so, I can't help but laugh as she tells her stories (both in the story and in her "truth" sections) with thoughts, details and insights that truly draw you into them.
Well done as ever Rose!
(reviewed 18 days after purchase)
Thomas Lawrence reviewed on Aug. 22, 2017

Another excellent selection from Ms. Maru. Eleven tales of her exploring what might have been/could be as she continues to work through the difficulties of her life. The stories are very well written and while her journey to "normal" is serious, the writing is often humorous and just fun to read. By the way, in case you think that the title is misleading... count stories (fiction and 'not-really-nonfiction') then add the author.
(reviewed 42 days after purchase)
Rose reviewed on May 27, 2015

Excellent book! Very imaginative and detailed writings. I like the way the author made each story relate to something in her own life. Keeps you interested and wondering what was going to happen next. Really couldn't wait to see what happened next or how the next chapter would be different from the one I was reading at the moment. I would like to see some more details on the rest of the story instead of quickly running through to the next big moment and leaving out some juicy details in between. Great job and keep on writing. Can't wait till next book!
(reviewed 7 days after purchase)
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