Throughout this book, we understand life by studying everything alive and intelligent, from the smallest cellular components of organic life to the human body, mind, and spirit, to all forms of life, here and everywhere else, because everything is alive and worth understanding. If you want to learn more about life in all her forms and realities, this book is for you! More

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About Valentin Matcas

alentin Leonard Matcas, M.Ed, is a researcher, physicist, mathematician, educator, and an author of nonfiction and fiction books including the entire “Human” book series, and he welcomes you into his creative world. He writes throughout his books that the truth is farther than you can believe, or that you are more complex and more meaningful than entire worlds and realities, and with each book that he writes he takes you closer to understanding yourself and the entire world. Valentin Leonard Matcas is unique, intelligent, highly demanding and highly persistent, currently living his life in a pristine environment while researching and writing his books and articles. Yet we are unique, intelligent, highly persistent and highly demanding, this is what defines our continuous development throughout life, and this is what adds living details to our world. And what we want the most is to see the world in its true colors, to understand the hidden and the unreached, while we want to understand ourselves the most, and the entire world.
Valentin Leonard Matcas creates the following comprehensive models in psychology, biology, physics, and sociology: model for the human needs, addictions, knowledge, reasoning, feelings, errors of reasoning, modes of life, cognitive model for the human intelligences, models for this Reality, for other realities, and for The One, model for Life in all her forms and realities, model of the Human Civilization, human status, and human rights, depiction of the hierarchy of intelligences, models for the human behavior, consciousness, achievement, abilities, meaning, lifestyle, health, development, condition, feelings, fulfillment, nature, limitations, dreams, creativity, and developmental patterns, model for the natural human environment and for the Fictitious Matrix, models for the conscious, subconscious, highconscious, and classconscious intelligences, true model for the Human Society, model and depiction of the Human Conspiracy, models for the Higher Laws and for the Natural Laws of the Universe, study of the Field, model for existence, study and depiction of timelines and lifelines of causality, model of the human interconnectivity, and much more. All these form a greater, comprehensive model for you, for life, for this world, and for your place and meaning in life and in this world, so consistent and so detailed, that you see yourself at the heart of it all and through it all.
Valentin Leonard Matcas wrote the “Human” book series in the following order: “The Human Needs”, “The Human Addictions,” “The Hierarchy of Needs,” “Stay in Shape, Lead a Healthy Life,” “The Human Origins,” The Human Society,” “The Human Conspiracy,” “The Human Mind,” “The Human Reality,” “Astral Planes and Your Other Realities,” “Life,” “The Hierarchy of Intelligences,” “The Human Intelligences,” “The Human Thoughts,” “Mental Models and Successful Ideas,” “The Human Attitudes,” “The Human Stereotypes,” “The Human Ideology,” “Modes of Life,” “The Human Development,” “Patterns of Development,” “The Human Lifestyle,” “Heal Yourself,” “The Human Civilization,” “The Human Religion and Spirituality,” “The Human Rights,” “Higher Laws,” “Natural Laws of the Universe,” “Existence,” “The Human Condition”, “Lifelines of Causality,” “The Human Behavior,” “Flat Earth or Round Earth,” “The Fictitious Matrix,” “The Human Meaning,” “The Human Environment,” “The Human Status,” “The Human Timeline,” “Deep State,” “Freeman,” “The Human Learning,” “The Human Achievement,” “The Human Freedom,” “The Human Awareness,” “The Human Feelings,” “The Human Knowledge,” “The Human Genetic line,” “The Human Abilities,” “The Human Being,” “The Human Interconnectivity,” “The Human Dreams,” “Errors of Reasoning,” “The Last Cataclysm,” “The Human Creativity,” “The Human Fulfillment,” “The Human Nature,” “The Human Servitude,” “The Human Limitations,” “The Human Cognition,” “The Sources of All Evil,” “The Human Reasoning,” “The Field,” “Consciousness,” “Intelligence,” “The One,” and “The Supreme Being.”
As an enthusiast of science fiction, Valentin Leonard Matcas writes about terrestrial and alien civilizations, about life in the Universe, the way it develops and intertwines across galaxies, about powerful beings as they control and reshape the Universe, and about normal human beings from Earth caught in this beautiful, wider, outstanding interconnectivity. Valentin Leonard Matcas creates a living, warmer, credible universe in his books, teaming with life and vibrancy on all levels of existence. Valentin Leonard Matcas wrote “The Storyteller” book series, including “The Storyteller,” “Starship Colonial,” and “Unlimited,” and “The Culling” book series, including “The Culling,” “The Dream of the Dead,” and “The Last Man on Earth.”
When he is not writing, Valentin Leonard Matcas enjoys researching, hiking, swimming, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, biking, reading, listening to music, and playing strategy videogames. You may discover all his books and articles.

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