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The reason why we gain weight is because we consume more than the amount of calories we can burn. The reason why we lose weight is that the stored fat in our cells is burned. Yet, there is another reason why we still have difficulty losing weight and that is from excess water weight that can be flushed out by drinking ReFresh beverages.

With ReFresh beverages that More

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About Cindy P Dominguez

ulinary experience. After publishing “The Beef Lover’s Cookbook” that was sponsored by one of the largest companies in the Philippines, San Miguel Corporation, she embarked in her online career as an SEO writer and Internet marketer, and has created numerous ebooks and thousands of articles for her international clients. She was recognized as one of the Top 20 Ultimate Food Bloggers in 2012 by Sooo Pinoy which is a group that promotes national pride by appreciation of Filipino culture food. Cindy has won numerous culinary contests such as that of Cook’s Magazine, Del Monte Kitchenomics, and Aji-Ginisa, which is a product of Ajinomoto. Granddaughter of the prolific writer Jose Villa Panganiban who has over 1,000 published works to include the first Filipino dictionary and thesaurus, she has inherited his passion for writing and shares his belief that to wield the power of the written word is to be done to encourage and uplift others. Cindy, widow of Rene L. Quema, has 5 children who are RayC, Timi, Maxi, Sarah, and Allison.

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