Beware.....The Moon is Full

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A flash fiction for the 'not so faint hearted'. After dark when the moon is full......stay home!! More
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About Linda Arditto

I am a mystery woman. Older and therefore wiser I hope.

About the Series: The Power of the Moon. Flash fiction.
All that happens under a moon.

Also in Series: The Power of the Moon. Flash fiction.

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Review by: Ann Michaels on Jan. 04, 2017 :
I found myself holding my throat as I read this and thinking about a terrible and random attack of a woman that happened a few years ago. I'm feeling creeped out!
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Review by: LoraineT on Oct. 12, 2015 :
Another enjoyable short story.
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Review by: KarenLRowel on Sep. 08, 2015 :
A good werewolf short story that didn't leave me hanging at the end. Good little read.
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Review by: James Hold on Aug. 27, 2015 :
A tale well told. I could have done without the parts where the werewolf gnaws his victims, but I'm squeamish that way.
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Review by: Fratboy on Aug. 25, 2015 :
Now this is horror!!!!
I love a good horror story and I think Linda Arditto has done a fine job here. I'd also like to see a longer version of this story and would gladly pay for it.
Nicely done.
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Review by: sandra Bell on July 13, 2015 :
I thought this was a great little read. A good short horror and the perils of living in the same city as a werewolf. Good job.
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Review by: John Bull on May 22, 2015 :
A well told tale of horror.
I enjoyed this werewolf flash.
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Review by: Kevin Fontain on May 13, 2015 :
This is interesting.
I thought this was a very good flash story but I can't work out how James Jenkins expected a relationship between a werewolf and three women who he grabbed off the street and killed?
I found it to be very neatly done and written well.
I enjoyed it.
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Review by: James Jenkins on May 03, 2015 :
Not overly good or bad, I expected a relationship between characters was going to exist, in the end I felt like this story was less than it could have been.
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Review by: Peter Stephan on May 02, 2015 :
Top horror story.
I enjoyed this one.
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Review by: John Spencer on May 01, 2015 :
A well told descriptive story.
Good little horror flash.
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Review by: Mary Clyde on April 29, 2015 :
Linda writes a variety of flash fiction and this one is great.
True horror. Well written. Short and sweet.
A good ending which is difficult to do with such a short flash.
Well done.
I enjoyed it.
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Review by: C. Bryce on April 22, 2015 :
I was lucky enough to meet this author last Sunday. A lovely lady and didn't seem the type to write this kind of story.
Nice and scary and very well written, I will be reading more from her.
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Review by: Kevin Lokten on April 21, 2015 :
I found this story very scary which I suppose it was supposed to be.
I liked it very much.
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Review by: Trent F on April 20, 2015 :
Well I'm a fan of some horror but I'm very picky.
I love the lurking in the shadows type of story and this is one of them. Very descriptive and urky.
Good stuff.
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Review by: Carol Shoar on April 20, 2015 :
I'm not really a fan of horror either probably why this was scary and gave me the shivers.
Well written which I suppose added to the enjoyment.
Yes I did enjoy it :)
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Review by: Bronwyn Pillar on April 18, 2015 :
Dear Lord! Great story. Loved it.
I was surprised that Linda would write something like this.
Scary and different..
I wonder if we'll hear more about Andrew Carter, I hope so.
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Review by: Vito Veii on April 18, 2015 :
I'm not a fan of horror stories, but I didn't mind this one because it was well written. I appreciated the descriptive imagery that made it easy for the imagination to digest the story. The style of the writing reminded me of film noir from the 40's crossed with horror movies from that period. All in all an interesting and curious escape from reality that made the horror bearable, and on that note; sweet dreams everyone. (heh, heh, heh)
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Review by: David Mantor on April 17, 2015 :
I read the other reviews first, I thought I shouldn't have done that because I knew what was coming. I didn't know what was coming.
This is great flash fiction. So much story in so few words.
I'm glad I'm a male, woman aren't safe at night. Especially during a full moon.
Well worth the five minute read.
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Review by: Lorna Smith on April 17, 2015 :
Well I am surprised.
I read this flash fiction because I am very fond of this authors work. I hadn't noticed the genre was horror.
This author is very versatile with subject matter. I have read all her books and have never been disappointed.
What can I possibly say about Beware.....The Moon is Full?
I found it fascinating to be written from a werewolfs' perspective.
I did enjoy it although I say that as one who is not familiar with horror. It does place the reader right there, sharing the mind of the werewolf.
A fine piece of writing which is what I would expect from Linda.
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Review by: Bess Torman on April 17, 2015 :
This short story is right up my alley (so to speak)
It does get the heart racing.
Linda always writes interesting stories and doesn't leave you hanging. This had an interesting conclusion.
I agree with Sandra, I think I'll start walking in the middle of the road. haha.
Great story.
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Review by: sandra Bell on April 16, 2015 :
If I'd read the other reviews before reading this flash fiction I may have been prepared.
This is scary stuff. I love it.
Very well written and enjoyable.
If I go out at night I think I'll walk down the middle of the road and take my chances with the traffic.
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Review by: Stanley Willow on April 16, 2015 :
Not the sort of story you read first thing in the morning like I did but it could be worse reading at night.
I really enjoyed this flash story.
Interesting perspective.
I guess you could call it short and sweet, very sweet.
I've read a lot of this authors work and hope she writes a full novel along these lines.
Yes. I agree wholeheartedly with the synopsis.
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Review by: Arlene Nassey on April 16, 2015 :
I enjoyed this short story. An exciting full moon tale, indeed.
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Review by: Trevor Compro on April 16, 2015 :
It's amazing what you find on Smashwords when you can't sleep and get up in the middle of the night.
I'm already a fan of this author but this is not what I expected from her.
This is great stuff. True horror.
Flash fiction at its best.
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Review by: Samantha Kirk on April 16, 2015 :
I admit this did make my heart rate increase while I was reading, maybe because I'm an older woman and I'm not use to reading horror.
Totally different from any other work by Linda.
It surprised me.
I must have enjoyed it because I read it twice. :)
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