100 Easy Pieces The Ultimate Poetry Collection

100 Easy Pieces flows through the countryside, oceans and cities within which we live .Through our own veins to divine and eventually connect within. To connect with ourselves. From when we were children, to life as an adolescent, to now, as we experience adulthood, parenthood, and eventually death.The script is an eclectic one, reflective of the contemporary and dynamic lives in which we now live More

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About Sasha Holden

Hi, my name is Sasha Holden.

I am an author with Moon and Stars Press.

I was born in Australia and now live in New York. I write and enjoy erotic fiction.

My first online publication 50 erotic pieces, is being released in April 2015

My second online publication 100 easy pieces, the ultimate poetry collection, is being released in April 2015

My first online story, Sarah, Malcolm's Prize, is being released in April 2015. It is the first episode in Sarah's Story.

Sarah is an attractive 26 year old model in Melbourne Australia. She lives with her best friend Jess,aged 28,the gorgeous upwardly mobile press secretary for the philandering Jake Dawes, the soon to minister for travel in the Federal Government. Jess is married to Malcolm, aged 32, the State Member for Parliament, whose jet black hair and strong, charismatic looks keep everyone on their toes. Jess and Malcolm care strongly for Sarah with whom they live. Though Sarah feels there is something missing in her life.

My stories all have strong female characters as their leads. Yet each character has a sense of vulnerability and at times, a feeling of insecurity, clouding their everyday lives. Each beautiful both outside and from within, these female characters have a close connection to individuals with whom they share their lives, their most erotic thoughts, and their intimate moments.

“The ability to engage the reader, to stir feelings deep within their being, is the ultimate goal of erotic fiction. When the reader takes the place of the characters in my story, I have succeeded”

Sasha Holden

Comments can be found on my blog and around the web..some comments on my writing style and work read include:

You are an amazing storyteller.

Yet again, loved it ! You have this way with words which forces the reader to live them.

I haven’t the descriptive skill to describe how much I enjoyed this, I thought erotic fiction was only supposed to turn women on!

Wow! Girl, you write some amazing stories! Thanks!

You just have to publish! Wow your prose is so sensual erotic beautiful

But I do love you. He he..right down there in that place.

This is incredibly hot. What makes it so hot and erotic is that the words bleed lustful desire for your lover’s offering They bleed desire for your need to consume him. The bleed desire for your need to envelope his hardness.

My hardness is my gift for your work. You move mentally … And physically

It’s as if you and I are the same person as I too yearn for a past passionate lover. Very well done and inspiring!!!!

To feel a sense of desire is the noblest and most powerful of human emotions. The ancient Greeks lived freely with their sense of desire and devoted the God Eros and the muse Erato to it. While it does go to many levels and wide ranging subjects through the centuries, you have managed to give the art a soft touch true to that desire that manifests itself in the greatest of human expressions. This is what the Greeks felt and wanted to express. And that is art.

Sexy, sensual, hot!!

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