Preferred Rewards

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Skinny, sexy Carrie has Troy all twisted up, but her best friend Gina has something else. Will he handle the temptation, or wait out for the preferred reward?
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Words: 52,330
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311799975
About Michael Patrick Lewis

I am a normal person. There is absolutely nothing abnormal about me.

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Review by: Patricia on June 19, 2017 :
I loved this book couldn't put it down. Troy was sitting on the bus when a hot girl named Carrie came up to him and started talking with him and invited him to a pajama party. When he arrived at the party all he wanted to do was spend time with Carrie, but she left him with her best friend Mia. When ever Troy and Carrie agreed to meet some where she would always bring Mia or she would just have her meet Troy. After a while of seeing each other Troy & Mia started arguing a lot so one morning Troy did something that he would regret and couldn't tell her even it was torturing him.
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Review by: Francis Haley on Jan. 07, 2017 :
I really enjoyed this one more than I was expecting based on the first half of the book.
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Review by: Brenda Romine on Feb. 10, 2016 : (no rating)
Hats off to a wonderful story of a love gone so wrong. You always see happy endings.This was a delight! To see the "Real to life" ending. Finally!

The story line flows well,the characters are easy to relate with. Although I couldn't relate with Carrie at all. She is just one person I did not like from the start. For Gina to even consider Carrie as a friend is beyond me. That was just a one sided friendship.

Troy.... Ah Troy,you have so much to learn when it comes to relationships.But I will forgive you because you're young and this was your first try at love.

This story is about young love,first love and how quickly things can go wrong. I loved that the story was from a mans POV. You get to see his thoughts on love,relationships,his strengths,his weaknesses and his demise.
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Review by: charlenev on Dec. 31, 2015 :
I'm always interested to read erotic romance written from the male POV and by a male author. While it is marketed as both, this book was really neither erotica nor a romance, more a coming-of-age cautionary tale. Still very interesting though.

This is the tale of Troy, who is 18 and just beginning college. Like most young men, he is ruled to some extent by his sexual urges. Enter the teasing Carrie and her roommate Gina. I was disappointed to see that the author via his character Troy still chooses to see women in one of 2 roles - the Madonna or the whore. Gina is the modest, church-going good girl and Carrie is the overtly sexual tease. (As an aside, I was also disappointed to see Gina turn into the stereotypical unreasonable shrew every once in a while.) While Troy claims to love Gina, he is still tempted by Carrie. In reality, he's apparently too immature to understand what love should be and why he needs to resist the tease. Even with all of the guilt he seemed to be experiencing, it seems that he learned nothing from the experience. To the bitter end, he's begging Gina to forgive him, and fails to understand why that won't happen.

I was mostly enjoying the read until the ending - which unfortunately was abrupt and made little sense...why did Troy end up where he did? No explanation was really provided for the circumstances. Did he learn anything from the experience? We really don't just...ended.

I'd rate this a 2.5 to 3 star read.
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Review by: LovetoRead49 on Dec. 27, 2015 :
Good read.
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Review by: Emma Jaye on Nov. 17, 2015 :
I think I want a Troy, my own personal one, or at least I'll have him about twenty years later, after he' learned the very hard lessons he gets about womankind. Pretty on the outside, doesn't mean pretty on the inside and vice versa.

I loved this story, is was sweet, true to life and very funny in places as poor Troy can't work out why his girlfriend flips out every now and again, strangely it seems to happen on a monthly basis. He's delightfully juvenile in his lusts and logic, but boy does he try, and he occasionally falls spectacularly flat on his face.
Told in the first person from his point of view, I could almost feel his confusion wafting off the page at times. I really loved his later logic about how visits from 'Aunt Flo' are designed to prepare men for the hormonal/emotional rollercoaster that is pregnancy, the woman is apparently just testing her prospective mate to see if he'll be able to cope once she commits to carrying his child.

If there were more stars available, I'd happily add them.
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Review by: Laurel Heidtman on Oct. 31, 2015 :
This book should be required reading for every teenager. Males should read it to learn how to treat a woman and females should read it to learn why men do the things they do. They both should read it to learn how not to screw up a relationship.

Troy, the college-boy hero of the story, has the hots for Carrie, a sexy tease, but she keeps putting him off onto one of her roommates, Gina. Apparently Gina has her heart set on Troy, and good friend that she is, Carrie does everything she can to help her out. Eventually Troy falls in love with Gina. Should be a happily-ever-after ending, right? Wrong. When the hormones are flowing freely and you’re too young to have experience in resisting temptation, happily-ever-afters can be elusive.

But this isn’t just a story for teens, although the subject matter—and the very detailed and erotic sex scenes—would definitely appeal to that age group. I think most adults would enjoy this book as well, not just for the sex, but also because of the memories of being young and stupid it can evoke. There are very few of us who haven’t done something incredibly stupid that caused us to lose or damage a relationship. Maybe if we’d read a book like this when we first hit puberty, we could have avoided some of those mistakes. I’m all for Troy’s suggestion of a “relationship class” to accompany “sex-ed” classes. Until the schools wise up and offer one, buy this with your allowance if you’re a teen, and if you’re an adult, buy this for the teen in your life (but read it yourself first; you can learn something, too).

The only reason I didn’t give this five stars is that it could stand a little copyediting, but that’s easily enough fixed. There are some errors, but not enough to ruin the book. Preferred Rewards is a well-written and thoroughly enjoyable story that leaves you with a lot to think about.
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Review by: Jilllovestoread on Oct. 10, 2015 : (no rating)
I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review.

Mr. Lewis writes from Troy’s POV. This is a well written story of a young man learning about life, and sometimes he does it the hard way. You are given an intimate glimpse of his thoughts and feelings about love, women and life in general. The sex is very erotic but tastefully done. The book moves at a good pace and while it lacks a hero/heroine it is not boring. While there were some typos and punctuation errors, they did not detract from the story.

I was engaged enough to feel emotions regarding the characters and the story line. At times I was happy for them, sad for them and a few times I was downright irritated and appalled with them. This is a very honest look at what it’s like to navigate relationships when they are good, bad and just plain ugly.

Preferred Rewards is not an HEA/HFN book. Even though it didn’t have the romantic ending I was expecting it did have an ending worthy of great story-telling. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes romance with truth and without a cookie-cutter ending.
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Review by: Lola on Oct. 09, 2015 :
Lovely book-I loved the writing style right from the get-go and was absolutely surprised with the way the story ended. It's been a while since I read anything all in one sitting. I'm more than glad this book changed that.
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Review by: BelleWoods on Oct. 05, 2015 :
In this erotic story, we follow Troy as he struggles with his emotions and sexual attraction to two roommates: Carrie, a tease, and Gina, the nicer girl of the two, who becomes his girlfriend... until the three come to a crossroads. The writing is so realistic I felt I was watching real flesh and blood people. The novel goes way beyond erotica and romance into literary fiction. The author is very talented. I'd like to see what else he writes in the future.
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Review by: Fabio Beltramini on Sep. 24, 2015 :
A unique mix of erotic writing and drama, with just enough realism to draw readers in emotionally. It invites (perhaps nearly compels) empathy, and through experiencing Troy's decision-making and actions, prompts readers to reflect upon and perhaps evaluate their own values.
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Review by: Chantel on Sep. 22, 2015 :
A good coming of age novel. The plot is decent and the characters believable. I found the writing witty and fluid, without the usual typos of many Indie authors. A very enjoyable read. I'm sure we will hear more from Michael Lewis in the future.
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Review by: Matt Abraham on Aug. 23, 2015 :
Preferred Rewards is a unique book in the romance/erotic category in that it has a lot of heart and emotion instead of just physicality. The story follows the relationship between Troy and Gina as they court, learn about love from one another, and eventually commit to a relationship. The only real problem in their storybook attraction comes from Carrie, Gina’s best friend, and the tensions that arise from her attraction to Troy (and of course his reciprocity).

I think the real strength of this book is the warmth and heart behind Troy’s journey. He’s not the traditional college kid with nothing between his ears, rather he is romantic and giving, but still deeply flawed. It’s his depth of character, and the internal conflict he feels, that drives the book. And even though it’s not a typical work of fiction with a clear goal, stakes, or obstacles for the main character to navigate, it’s a good story with a solid tone and a lot of heart. If you like your erotic stories with a hefty scoop of soul and character then this one’s for you.
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Review by: Michael Aloysius O'Reilly on Aug. 03, 2015 :
This is a page-turning genre teen romance with predictable steaminess involving a girl and a boy in college trying to learn the whys and wherefores of human relationship. They start with hot sex and do not get beyond it. Love is largely a matter of genitalia, hormones and desire. The greater part of the book wallows in who touched whom and where and for how long and how it felt.

The guy is solipsistic, self-involved and unable to keep his middle member in his pants and this ruins his love story. He is a teen boy. Thoughtless and not in control. There’s little written to help understand how he could betray the young woman he truly cares deeply about. It just happens. He’s seduced and found out. He moans a little bit about a broken home but unconvincingly.

Having got that said, the author writes extremely well. His first person narrative is funny, searing at times and always fluid. I’d very much like to see his work plumbing the human soul rather than simply the female vulva.
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Review by: pleasepassthebooks on July 14, 2015 :
Preferred Rewards is a new twist on the usual coming-of-age story. Michael Patrick Lewis does an outstanding job of getting to the soul of college student Troy, as he struggles through a love triangle and into the throws of a very real relationship. The narrative is witty and the dialogue is probably among the most realistic I've read, lending to an authenticity that the book takes from real life. While the story plays on heavy eroticism, to me, it was the lifelike representation of Troy that made Preferred Rewards a winner.
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Review by: KM Taylor on July 04, 2015 :
I absolutely adored this story, most especially because of the realism it had! The types of fights-the ones that don't even make sense-Troy and Gina have are the kind that REAL couples have. I also loved how we got to see inside Troy's head as he progressed in his relationship. The ending had me ready to claw my eyes out!!
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Review by: Barbara Tsipouras on July 04, 2015 :
Don't look at the cover, just don't. You'll get the wrong impression. This isn't your typical romance novel.

Gina and Troy are two totally normal college kids falling in love. They have their totally normal insecurities and they make mistakes. There's no hero and no spectacular suspense, but it's everything but boring.

Michael tells this story in an entertaining humorous way with a lot of insight in Troys thoughts and feelings.
Yes, there is a lot of sex going on, described in an unbelievably erotic and sensitive way, explicit and graphic but never vulgar. His dialogues are taken directly from real life.

For me it's a very special Young Adult (18+) book.
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Review by: Soh000 on May 16, 2015 :
I really loved this book and the powerful message we as readers get from it, I just wish there was a book 2.
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Review by: nanetteraebrumfield on May 16, 2015 :
awesome book! cliffhanger of an ending! cant wait to see what happens!
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Review by: geoloman21 on May 12, 2015 :
As I was reading this, I was thinking that this isn't kind of book I normally read. But after completing it, and thinking about it for a while, the better the story becomes. This is a story about college students finding romance. The main character, Troy, is more about having sex than romance, but that's pretty normal for young men of that age. He actually finds true love, but due to his own immaturity, and that of his girlfriend, they screw it up. Immaturity at that age? Yep - also pretty normal! That's what growing up is all about. Do they overcome this and get back together? Read the story to find out!
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Review by: hrhsophia on May 07, 2015 :
Loved this story, karma is a bitch!
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Review by: bfaro001 on May 02, 2015 :
Great read with compelling story and vivid romance scenes 5/5
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Review by: swellington on May 01, 2015 :
Loved it!
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