Chaos Variables - Taking A Closer Look at the Bill of Rights

This free eBook will offer new perspective on how we see the Bill of Rights. Many face rights violations on a daily basis and have no options or defense from not only the government among other organizations; but, other individuals. Many people demand respect for their rights while they manage to lose sight of respect for the rights of others. More
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About Timothy Rodgers

I am a simple guy dealing with some complicated issues.

I believe there should be no compromise when it comes to the Bill of Rights. People are supposed to be the focal point of our Republic.

I now utilize the tenth amendment to state that the U.S. Government is unfit to remain in authority or represent justice. Per the tenth amendment, the will of the people is to come before anything to include special interest groups and political parties. We all have the right to have a government that represents us. This government clearly and openly does not.

Every rights violation committed either by someone or something to include governments, is an act of war. There are many ways to attack others without the use of violence. I have been through and continue to endure that relentless experience myself. Such violations are often protected by law even though they are outside the purpose of government to begin with.

Perception: Govt. is doing it's job taking care of disabled veterans.
Reality: Veteran suicides at epidemic levels because so many being left without.

Perception: EPA protects the environment and cares about our safety. If they say the water is safe to drink, it must be.
Reality: Fracking is causing earthquakes and the people who consume the post processed water they are told is safe to drink, face severe physical health effects.

Perception: If the government tells someone's family they committed suicide in jail, it must always be the truth.
Reality: Sometimes someone paid someone else who could create the opportunity to kill the victim who is believed to have taken their own life. People use the government in this fashion to get away with murder all the time. No one looks for a killer when everyone thinks the victim did it to themselves. Easily, one of the cruelest and unjust forms of social selection.

Perception: Money acting as free speech helps entrepreneurs advertise.
Reality: Money unconstitutionally acting as a "legal" form of free speech is effectively silencing the voices of common people within both the advertising markets and the government.

Perception: If the U.S. Govt. came into contact with E.T.s, they would tell the public about it. They have to, why wouldn't they? Reality: U.S. Govt has been aware of other advanced life for over 70 years. It was decided that such information would be kept classified and secret before Admiral Byrd could even return from the Antarctic Expedition known as Operation: High Jump. Around that time was when what was our once Constitutional Republic, first became compromised.

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