It's Not The Freaking Wheat America!

In America at present, 69% of everyone over the age of 20 is overweight. Worse, more than half of us are clinically obese. However, the problem at hand isn't America's consumption of breads and cereals. 'It's Not The Freaking Wheat America!' Will therefore attempt to clarify exactly why we have got as big and unhealthy as we have recently before showing you how you can fix this for yourself. More

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About Chelsea Manning

Hi, I'm Chelsea and 'It's Not The Freaking Wheat America' is my first book. I can't say that I'm an author by nature though, anything but in fact. I'm a foodie, slowly still learning student of holistic medicine and I'd like to think artist.

Food however, is my principle passion. If I'm not at work or out exploring with my dog Art, I'm in the kitchen and what's more I love sharing my passion with people. People after all, seem to forget that they literally are what they eat and I love not just reminding people of the fact, but watching people's health and emotional outlook on life improve when they just do something as simple as start eating better.

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