ANGLE - FM (Frequency Modulation)

Matteo Giampaglia (author of the cover for the first Tiptop Audio Records Compilation) has painted a graphic novel inspired by Angle (Tiptop Audio Records) and the world of the modular synthesizer.
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ANGLE is a duo based in Florence - Italy.

ANGLE is an audiovisual project that applies videomapping techniques to their live sets. All their songs, synchronised to the video images, are composed and produced by ANGLE in their studio. Their latest productions are a bond between techno and electronic music.

As part of their collaboration with TipTop Audio from California, they have incorporated modular synthesizers in the new Eurorack format that allow them to explore sound synthesis at the root of the creative process.

These grooves’ broken rhythm patterns lend themselves well to visual representation: this juxtaposition of sounds and images all blend to create an original and engrossing experience.

ANGLE’s first step was TETRA 01, with a 3D mapping on a self-supporting, isostatic, modular structure that is made up of triangles with junctions at their vertices.

The latest version of their live set TETRA 02 uses light from RGB led strips to reshape the structure’s frame, animated live through Arduino & Mad Light.

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