Blackthorn: Once a Thief; 1-5

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Chloe is a street kid living in South Point, the last trading village in the south of the kingdom she lives in. Life is hard, but she has a plan. From Early Days and Life Lessons to Missing, watch this young Thief as she builds her own little kingdom.

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About R. F. DeAngelis

R. F. DeAngelis is a crazy and occupational obnoxious smart alec. As an incorrigible punster they love nothing more than to keep people guessing and using words to teach family and friend the lesson that a life, not always easy, taught them. With a deep love of friends and family and an understanding of what it means to be the outcast DeAngelis has always fought to help people be who they are inside.

About the Series: Blackthorn: Stories of M'Diro
Chloe Blackthorn is a thief.

She didn't start out that way, but who does? Life, being what it is, robbed her of everything she held dear. Living on the streets, she did what she could to give to those with even less than she had ... until the war came.

Alone, sick, and starving she stumbled into an alley to try and get warm, only to breathe what she believed was her last breath. Winter’s cold had claimed her, and no one cared.

When she woke nestled in the furs of one of the barbarian Leather Wing, she knew her life was about to get interesting. The journey that lay ahead of her would challenge her concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, and even how she views her own past.

Join Chloe as she explores the world of the barbarians that boiled out of the frozen south and destroyed the last great civilization of men; The Unstoman Empire.

Also in Series: Blackthorn: Stories of M'Diro

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Review by: Nico Angelo on Aug. 7, 2016 :
I thought that there are some rough patches, but that doesn't mean that I didn't love it! Chloe has seen the darker side of society, but still has compassion and isn't one for bigotry. It is a vivid and real story being told.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Review by: KingTerenas on Aug. 7, 2016 :
I don't even know where to start. The stories were beautifully fantastical, yet realistic. It's the real deal beneath the fasçade that society portrays. It turns the readers attention to the problems of the world, and shows the protagonists tastefully attempting to survive and overcome the troubles in the world. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 'Of Dwarves and Metal' immersed me in the dealings of an honorable thief, illegally trading with the gruff yet notable Dwarves.

'Hanna' took me to the law, where I was shown that the badges, so to speak, of the guards are embellished to the middle and upper class. Yet, Hanna, shows the reader that her dealings with Chloe and Piper are unlawful and crooked, yet meant to help the children and herself alike. Hanna seems to be the, "What's in it for me?" people in the world.

'Missing' takes a fearful stroll down the black alleys of sexual deprivation and desperation. The reader is shown the fears of what stalks the streets in the city at night, and not only THE streets, but WHICH streets. Chloe and Piper dread the thought of the street Lowll as disappeared, as it's a known place for kidnapping for multiple reasons; that shows the reader the normality of fear, and heart wrenching thoughts, of a child in this city. As children living in the impoverished areas of the city, they know at a meager age of 6, or perhaps younger yet, what it means to despise their very existence. The middle and upper don't always turn a blind eye to the poor. They simply don't understand the harsh reality of things; the poor struggle to find their next meal, a warm bed, a dry head. They struggle to survive oppression due to looks, race, or simply social status or finances. They know where to avoid and what to expect from certain areas, as the unknown fear of abduction into child labor of the corrupt church, and the unshakable dreading of the possibility of child abuse lurks at the backs of their minds.

'Men and Magic' was interesting to me. It reminds me of something in my own life I've come across. The reader is shown Chloe's unfaithful demeanor towards the gods, and Piper's devout demeanor. Chloe insists it's not a miracle, since mages can do the same tasks. It displayed an interesting look on religion. Some would say certain things are of God, and some would say It was simply luck or human intelligence that brought it to be.

'The Early Days and Life Lessons' set the scene, showing that real life isn't as polished as the upper classes have come to believe. I liked how the villains of the city were painted. The corrupt church hadn't shown the children kindness, and as for Chloe and Piper, even as Chloe was blindsided, they were shown more life lessons from a thief than the corrupt church.

All in all, this collection of short stories is a must buy. R.F. DeAngelis has masterfully crafted the world of M'Diro to submerge the reader in the wonders of fantasy, yet, it opens the readers eyes to situations we find in real life. DeAngelis, I applaud you. Bravo!
(reviewed 15 days after purchase)
Review by: Gloria Smith on Jan. 7, 2016 :
I loved this book!!!!! Characters are well developed!!! The main character is lovable and has a great heart. You get caught up rooting for them all. This author totally pulled me into her world and I can't wait for more!!!!!!!
(review of free book)
Review by: shario1 on May 22, 2015 :
i loved it.
(review of free book)
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