Blackthorn: Once a Thief Part 6-13

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Everything is going well. The warehouse is up and running, the kids know not to mess with Chloe and Piper's stash, and with Hanna on the job they don't even have to worry about the Gaurd. Everything changes when Chloe's past walks up to her in the Inn and nothing will ever be the same again.

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About R. F. DeAngelis

R. F. DeAngelis is a crazy and occupational obnoxious smart alec. As an incorrigible punster they love nothing more than to keep people guessing and using words to teach family and friend the lesson that a life, not always easy, taught them. With a deep love of friends and family and an understanding of what it means to be the outcast DeAngelis has always fought to help people be who they are inside.

About the Series: Blackthorn: Stories of M'Diro
Chloe Blackthorn is a thief.

She didn't start out that way, but who does? Life, being what it is, robbed her of everything she held dear. Living on the streets, she did what she could to give to those with even less than she had ... until the war came.

Alone, sick, and starving she stumbled into an alley to try and get warm, only to breathe what she believed was her last breath. Winter’s cold had claimed her, and no one cared.

When she woke nestled in the furs of one of the barbarian Leather Wing, she knew her life was about to get interesting. The journey that lay ahead of her would challenge her concepts of right and wrong, good and evil, and even how she views her own past.

Join Chloe as she explores the world of the barbarians that boiled out of the frozen south and destroyed the last great civilization of men; The Unstoman Empire.

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Review by: Gloria Smith on May 29, 2017 :
A great continuation of Chloe and Piper's story!!! Shows great growth and plenty of action with twists n turns galore. A great read!!! I Highly Recommend This Book n Author!!!
(reviewed 2 years after purchase)
Review by: KingTerenas on Aug. 7, 2016 :
Once again the rising author, R.F. DeAngelis, has immersed me in the arduous tales of Chloe and Piper. Southpoint is crying out, spilling it's horrifying secrets to the reader; it's true colors are finally painted upon the canvas that Chloe must carry as a burden upon her mind.

'Sisters of the Night', begins to delve deeper into the dark secrets of the corrupt church, as one of the women of the cloth leaves in opposition to the Bishop's corrupt ways. This faceless man remains unseen by the reader's eyes, yet, becomes the most hated evil in the town by those with eyes to see him for what he is. The imagery left within my mind after reading this story, is a husk of a man, a house of evil that sits upon a throne of coin.

'Hopscotch' is a tale of discomfort, sorrow, and finally, victory. The world is grim, and in order to be safe, one must avert the gaze of the ravenous pack. The Sister of the church shows complete devotion to those in need, at the risk of her own damnation, and realizes she may face the whip. The children are phantoms of the night, breathing, yet dead. Sorrow clutches at the heart, yet all I could do is read on. Warmth enveloped me as this story came to a close, for the sacrifice of some, the kindness of others, and the hospitality of few bring justice to Southpoint.

'Raided' begins to develop more obstacles that Chloe and Piper must overcome. Set backs, if you will. For Chloe will not be defeated in her crusade for justice.

'Dreams' gives us insight into Chloe's mind, giving the reader a few things to ponder on. Foresight or Chloe's subconscious? Ill happenings and treachery. The Bishop moves his pawns against Chloe and Piper. The world begins to seem more and more against them, a constant uphill fight for all that is good.

'The Day After' shows where allies can be found, and of a thief's punishment. Chloe must plan what to do next.

'To Trip A Trick' is my personal favorite. Although the story begins with a sorrowful scene of shame and disgust, it soon takes a turn. Mystery and wonder take the reader into the a warm home. Don't blink; I did.

'Jax' is another personal favorite. This story brought me into the night, showing the works of the thief. Fast paced and intriguing, this story will leave the reader on the edge of their seat, wondering what will happen next. It shows there really is honor among thieves; some, anyways. Try not to cry.

Lastly, the heart stomping 'The Death of Reason' story will immerse the reader in a world of loneliness, hunger, biting cold, and despair. Until the vital turning point.

DeAngelis will move the reader with her stories in a torrent of emotions, pulling at your heart as a true writer. I beg of you, DeAngelis, bring forth new works. I am ready to read more into Chloe's story. I highly recommend Part 6-13 and cannot wait until I begin Piper: Broken Chains, and any new works DeAngelis brings to my bookshelf. I I am an avid fan and supporter, and urge any lover of literature and stories with a deeper meaning, to purchase DeAngelis' masterpieces. Support her on Patron as well, so that we can get our hard copies one day!
(reviewed 14 days after purchase)
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