Beware the Well Fed Man

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A tribe of post-apocalyptic survivors must defend their home from a terrifying city dating back from the old world, striding atop tremendous metallic legs. But in order to win this battle, the survivors of the Plexis Tribe may have to form an alliance with the most brutal scum the wasteland has to offer. More
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JQDahiya reviewed on on Aug. 4, 2018

Star category: 5 (recommended)

Category: Post-apocalypse

Synopsis: In a world of municipal darwinism, where walking cities populated by the lucky are trailed by less-lucky camp-followers, and those who aren’t even camp-followers are preyed upon by bloodthirsty tribes of killers, a Mall falls from the sky and prepares to take in customers.

Ebon and his curious brother Crassus join a group of the most disadvantaged in converting the Plexis Shopping Centre to Home. Except that it’s not so simple. The nearest City wants to take over. Crassus learns more about how the mall works. Along with Thunfir (elected chief) and Euclid (a mathematical man whom only Crassus can barely keep up with) and other less savoury allies, they prepare to take the City on.

What’s good: A novel and thoroughly entertaining plot, high-tech post-apocalypse, weird social structures, weirder world views, nanotech, 3D printing, evil villains, cruel killers, friends and loyalty, heartbreaking choices, extreme capitalism. Crackling good SF, and the title is spot on.

What’s not good, if anything: I don’t have the next book! Waa!

Hat tip to Zachary Seibert’s excellent review.
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Zachary Seibert reviewed on on July 2, 2015

An impressively imagined series debut. With a vividly high-contrast, instantly immersive setting, Capps has taken a cluster of conventions from the architecture of science-fiction and warped them to build something novel, yet simultaneously classic. Reminiscent of the headiest post-apocalyptic fare, there is also a decidedly Western ambience to the story that balances the conflict between characters and environment. The near-mythological characters are tempered by human relationship and limitations, poised between tragedy and heroism. This story approaches the motivations and values of heroic endeavor with a range of perspective I haven't seen from a new author in many years. Richly atmospheric, well-developed and excellently crafted, I will absolutely keep up to date with this series as more installments emerge.
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