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After an unexpected display of power, a teenage girl strives to control her Talent while hunted by an egomaniac intent on using her to dominate those without Talents. More
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About Donnielle Tyner

Hello! Donnielle here. I’m a new indie young adult author. When I’m not writing, I spend my time reading, binge watching Netflix, homeschooling my two children, and hanging out with my husband.

A few fun facts about me:

1. I began writing when I was in junior high. A teacher approached me with a poetry book and I fell in love. Writing poetry has helped me express myself through some of the darkest times in my life.
2. I am always reading something and own hundreds of eBooks. I thank the technology gods for the invention of e-readers. Series are my favorite. I love it when I feel like I cannot stop reading a book. My favorite genre is sci-fi and paranormal.
3. I am a HUGE nerd and enjoy every medium of nerdom from comic books to Magic! The Gathering.
4. I am a serious introvert and need plenty of alone time so I don’t go insane. Seriously! I will cut someone if they cut in to my “me” time.
5. I have a passion for holistic medicine and create many of my own household products. My kids and husband will ask for some “oils” when they aren't feeling well. I love growing herbs to make my own blends of herbal tea.
6. I read YA almost exclusively. There is just something about it that calls to my heart above other genres.
7. When I read paranormal it’s either about shifters or faeries.
8. Writing has always been a passion and a dream. I had many jobs and they never fulfilled me the way writing has.

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About the Series: The Caelian Cycle
During WW1, a meteorite crashed, releasing a mist that changed the DNA of all who were exposed. One hundred years has passed and society is divided between the Norms and the Caelians, whose changed DNA awakened dormant gifts, called Talents.

The Caelian Cycle follows Sadie’s story as she discovers herself while uncovering secrets about her past that affect the future of all mankind.


Christine Lee reviewed on March 25, 2016


Lost by Donnielle Tyner is the first in the Caelian Cycle Series.

A meteor hit back during the first World War, sending some alien DNA into the air, turning some people into Caelians. These Caelians have Talents. Some are harmless, others not so much. And of course, the world has become very much an us vs. them situation.

Sadie grew up in a Caelian orphanage, not knowing that her birth affects one of the biggest Families in the world.

This book brought you in quickly, and kept you there right to the end. I felt immediately close to Sadie and her friends, and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

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