Independence Day, Book One: The Beginnings

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It's 1966, and Haven Park, Wyoming is a picturesque community much like any other...until one of its favorite daughters is murdered on Independence Day. Soon, a mystery bigger than the town itself unravels, leaving few in Small Town America unscathed. More
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About Bex Aaron

Bex Aaron is too old to be concerned with convention. Thus, she's going to give you some random facts about herself, and about her books, in the hopes that it will make you smile...even if just for a moment.

Bex Aaron's legal name is Rebecca, and you may also call her that if you wish. Just never call her Becky. She loathes Becky.

She lives in Texas, and works as a legal secretary. It's a pretty swell job. She's pretty happy.

She is divorced, and she's pretty happy about that too.

She loves the color purple, both the actual color and the novel and movie of the same name.

She would like to buy the world a Coke.

She originally wrote the Independence Day series when she was 14 years old, back in 1997. Over time, she thought of ways she could improve on the original effort and the current incarnation made its debut as webfiction on July 4, 2009.

She took a year to write the first two books and three years to write the third. A lot of people got angry with her about this, and she does apologize.

Independence Day is a story about a small town, full of hard working, god fearing people...and one of them happens to be a murderer. It's expected to run a series of five books, and book four, Dirty Little Secret, is coming May 1, 2015.

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John R K Powell reviewed on on Nov. 24, 2014

Five stars all the way! The novel was intriguing from start to finish. The ending I think some might not like had it been a single book, but there is a book 2 people! And more after that. Characterisation felt strong to me and a good strong plot. I would write more, but that would take precious time away from getting to the next book!
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rickman reviewed on on Nov. 6, 2012

Great story. Whenever I had free time I picked it up and read for a while, I just have to know what happens! The characters are believable, I know people just like many of them. I like the way their quirks and foibles are fleshed out. The trouble is that there are too many characters for me to keep them and their relationships straight in my head. I had to re-read parts of the book in order for things to make sense. I was a little disappointed when the book ended, but it's understandable the author ended that way. I'm looking forward to reading part two!
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M.L. Gardner reviewed on on Dec. 20, 2011

I enjoyed reading Indepednence Day. The characters fleshed out nicely for me and they seemed real with all their flaws, dysfunction and unique personalities. The best part of this book was how Ms. Aaron kept the reader wondering, suspecting one character, then ruling them out in the readers mind, only to loop around and suspect them again. A must have in a mystery/thriller. Editing and format were good. Talent and skill are laced into the writing of this book as is the love of writing itself. An author gets better with every book which leaves me really wanting to read more of what Bex Aaron has to offer in the future.
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I. Readalot reviewed on on Aug. 14, 2011

I had trouble liking any of the characters in Independence Day. They are mostly mental cases who have personalities completely different from the opinion of the other characters. It's more like a continuing TV soap opera than a novel. The dead woman is portrayed as being dearly loved by everyone in the small town, but internal dialog by several characters paints her as a mean spirited, nasty mouthed shrew. I also never had a good feel for the scenes because descriptions were minimal. Editing was O.K. with few enough errors to be acceptable. I won't be reading book.
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Eli reviewed on on June 4, 2011

I really admire the mind behind this work. This author is very creative. She builds an engaging world with the characters and the plot of this story. There are some really wrenching scenes that have me wanting to "see" what happens next. There is no filler in this story. I like that. There are some great emotions thought out for all these characters and that makes for a very in-depth journey. Independence Day makes me think

The author caught the atmosphere of the time period almost perfectly. I could easily imagine this being one of the classic black & white movies or even the old radio novels that actors and actresses used to read over the air waves.

This story and the author that created it are both truly brilliant. Those of us that read this work of art are probably looking into the mind of the next Agatha Christie.
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Kristina Howells reviewed on on June 1, 2011

This was a great book. From beginning to end. The relationships between the main characters intermingled in such a way as you were compelled to find out what happened to them at the end. I would definately recommend this book. It is worth the time and money.
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