Promoted! Now What?

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About Gary Pool

Gary Pool’s new book, “Promoted! Now What?” is the quintessential guide for new and existing Managers/Supervisors to become the best. If you are like 95% of all supervisors, after your promotion, you received little to no training for your new assignment. The 5% that do get training often find it ineffectual. You are then left to learn on the job. If you survive your mistakes, it will take you an average of two to three years just to reach satisfactory performance levels. A favorite quote of Mr. Pool is, “The years will teach you what the days, weeks and months don’t know.” You can ill afford to take years to become a great supervisor.

Gary Pool has dedicated himself to helping new supervisors not only survive, but thrive in their new assignment. During his 30 year career at all levels of management, (he was rated in the top 97% of Gallup’s worldwide database of top-performing supervisors), Gary Pool, the CEO of iMavens, has made, or watched others make all the costly mistakes new supervisors encounter. He knew there must be a better way. Through trial and error, hard work, and many hours of study, he and his team have assembled the best practices and principles of effective supervision. Gary believes that when the supervisor is effective their employees thrive and ultimately the company prospers. Gary’s mantra is, “People don’t quit companies, they quit their supervisors.”

Gary ‘s book “Promoted! Now What?” will significantly accelerate the learning curve of any manager at every level in the organization. Much like the Wright Brothers who where the first to master pitch, roll, and yaw in order to successfully fly, there are three critical skills one must master to be an effective supervisor. They are:

1. Engaging People
2. Improving Processes
3. Leadership Development.

Short change any one of these skills and you will crash. There are also 10 specific actions within these three skilled areas that a supervisor must take in order to succeed. A successful manager will need to know what these actions are and then understand how and when to take them. These requisite skills and the necessary actions are covered in-depth in Gary’s new book, “Promoted! Now What?”

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