The Bell Tolls for Thee America: A Novel

The Bell Tolls For Thee America: A Novel implies that the U.S.A. is at a turning point, and nearing its final chapter in history. And the climax, and ultimate resolution to the quandary of America’s fate is coming to a head. If Americans don’t wake up shorty, a nightmare of epic proportions will swallow us whole, for better or...for worse.
Professor Harlan Watt has devised a way for us to reboot More

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About F. Scott Sinclair

F. Scott Sinclair is retired and loves writing novels. He’s a graduate of the University of Washington where he majored in psychology. He is a Thai Vietnam veteran (an American stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam War), who was told in his special security instructions that he was “expendable.” In other words, whether he lived or died was of no concern to his government. His job was to detect and report; thereafter, he was on his own. And now, in F. Scott’s final years, he has returned to the place he was forsaken by his own government. Yes, to the place where he was told that his life was meaningless: expendable, a devastating word for anyone to endure. But defending the lives of the warmest and most loving people in the world, the Thai people, wasn’t meaningless. If he’d lost his life, the sacrifice would have been worth it. Freedom and liberty are difficult things to secure in this world: even in America. May God bless Thailand…!

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