Jotus of Aanthora

Jotus will do whatever it takes to find his son, Jotan. He has heard news that Jotan is being held by Amentus, the ruler of Aanthora, who is currently amassing a grand Tatoran army to eradicate the alien Dotarans from the face of the planet. It is in the wake of this army that Jotus starts his search. He knows it will be dangerous work, but rescuing his son takes precedent over all else. More
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About J. Wright

Jonathon Wright, age 23, is a newly published author who is currently in the process of writing the second installment in The Jaxon Grey Chronicles, titled Too Far Gone. Born in New Jersey and spending the majority of his life growing up in the rural town of Montague, Jonathon has always been interested in the simplicity and beauty of nature, and tries to incorporate this in his work. Jonathon first discovered his love for science-fiction and adventure from television and movies, but quickly came to love such book series' as the Inheritance Cycle, the Gorean Saga, and the Hunger Games Trilogy. Currently, Mr. Wright resides just outside of Rhode Island's capital, where he lives with his wonderful girlfriend/editor, Kaleigh, and their two cats, Stevie Wonder and Dolly Parton.

About the Series: The Jaxon Grey Chronicles
The story starts with the protagonist, Jaxon, trying to proclaim his love for Ryane, a girl who has always been his friend, but with whom he wants so much more. His plans take a turn for the worst when he witnesses a cruel murder and is then accidentally transported to a primitive planet called Tatora; a land ruled by savage, lion-like natives. The Tatorans are not the only intellectual species to reside there. The Dotarans, an advanced race of skinny blue aliens, were exiled there hundreds of years ago. The Tatorans and the Dotarans do not get along very well, as no planet can have two dominant races. A third race, the Scynthians, considered the “gods” of Tatora, live on a space station that orbits the planet, but is hidden by a cloaking device. These Scynthians have webbed appendages, as well as fin-like ears and working gills. Unbeknownst to the Tatorans, their "gods" were the cause of the Dotarans banishment to the planet. The Tatorans hate the Dotarans, the Dotarans hate the Scynthians, and the Scynthians are emotionless utilitarianists who are only out for themselves. These three races have been at a standstill for many years, that is, until Jaxon appears on the planet.


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