Brave of the Dark

A tale of love, heartbreak, sacrifice and hope ... and a reminder that, sometimes, it takes destruction for life to correct itself. More

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About Mark David Louden

I'm a former newspaper reporter and editor who detoured into corporate communications for a time. Now, I live and work on a ranch in Colorado where I also pursue my true calling - writing fiction and poetry. At least I think it's my calling. As Conor Oberst says in his new song, Time Forgot, "I'll never know if I'm delusional. I just believe that I am not ..."

Brave of the Dark comes from things I know, particularly the love of children that I understand intimately as the father of two sons. I think I also know something about romantic love, or at least the idea of it ... Perhaps the draw of that idea is that it always seems just out of reach in real life.

I'm a Colorado native and I love the western outdoors ... on foot, on bike tires, on skis, on horseback or on water. Like my hero in Brave of the Dark, I am awed, enthralled and terrified by the cosmos and our place in it. I think ... no, I know Brave of the Dark is an attempt to make some sense of it.

Thanks for checking out my profile. If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to download a sample of Brave of the Dark and see if it hooks you. I think it's a solid work of fiction and I hope you do as well. My email address is in the back of the book in the Author's Note so if you do end up reading the whole thing, please shoot me a message and let me know what you thought.

With fondest wishes for your hopes and happiness,

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