A Real Surprise

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A real surprise, what happened to a cheating wife and the result. More
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About Everard Bromley

Everard Bromley (not my real name, just where my mom was born)

(notes on "DIDYMUS")
I grew up in South Africa before, during and after the democratic dispensation.
After I read the books by Barbera Thiering and knowing about the 'Freedom Struggle' in SA I wondered what and if a similar struggle by Jews during the Roman occupation of Judea would follow the same route and how that would be.

(notes on "the BEAST of BIKO BRIDGE")
There was genuinely a report in the local newspaper (Daily Dispatch) of number of bodies found where I have located this story.
I just let my imagination run wild with the rest of it.

(notes on "a Real Surprise)
Just a bit of fluff, I was feeling a bit blue for a friend of mine.

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David Blake reviewed on on Aug. 5, 2015

Bit of an oddball, this one. For a story filed under the "Thriller and Suspense > Crime Thriller" genre, I didn't find it too thrilling or suspenseful. The first half of the story, which deals with the actual crime, had potential but is told in a very matter-of-fact way, almost as if this is an everyday occurrence in the narrator's life. There's practically no sense of emotion in spite of the traumatic events he describes, and the feeling of detachment is heightened by his casual disregard for important details. For example, he never bothers to reveal his son's name, let alone drop in a mention or two of what his own child actually means to him. The police's method of investigating this crime also seemed completely ridiculous. A body would most likely be identified by the next of kin in a mortuary, not in situ. A crime scene has to be preserved, suspects are not invited to encroach on it before CSI have finished gathering forensic evidence (a process which can take days). And surely asking Bill where he was at the time of the crime would have been the very first question the police would ask him?
The second part of the story is a rather long-winded build-up to a twist. I'm not sure what the point of this 'twist' was, as the whole story then seems to imply that the adulterers deserved to die and that Bill, who never comes across as a man who cares about anybody else, deserved to become rich. In fact the story is pervaded throughout by an almost flippant tone that makes it come across as comedic, which I'm not sure was the intention. The choice of cover and even the story title reinforce this.
There were quite a lot of punctuation/grammar errors too.
In summation, this story fails whether its to be taken as a dramatic thriller or a black comedy, and fails on a number of other levels too. I'm sure there's some potential in the basic plot idea, but it's certainly wasted in this treatment.
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