The Sensitives

It’s the middle of the twenty first century on Earth, an Intergalactic drug Cartel just stumbled through a Wormhole into the Solar System finding a planet perfect for the growth of the super drug canapopius, now they will decimate the human population to create a new production center. A nine year old Sensitive holds in his mind the potential to derail the Cartel efforts. More

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About D. O. Thomson

D.O. Thomson author "The Sensitives"

So how do you get into this crazy writing business? It's a twisted path in either music or novels. I can only relate how I got hooked at an early age.

My mother used to take me to the library every week with my sister. We would check out books, of every kind, and read them before the week was over. My early reading was so diverse I can't remember all the different areas covered. I still pick up something to read anytime I sit still. It's a habit that falls into the compulsion level. Loving to read as I do, it seems strange that I carried the story of the 'Sensitives' around in my head for decades. It finally started erupting two years ago came to completion in June of 2014. Life just kept getting in the way of writing a novel. It's not an easy process. You have to be committed.

During the writing process my wife often thought of doing that very thing. Having me committed..

Now I am in the middle of writing a second book as
part of a trilogy spinning off the first book.

I spent several years as a Nashville BMI songwriter with a major artist cut to my credit plus several regional artists recordings. I am a former major market radio personality and broadcast consultant living in the middle of nowhere in the Hill country of Texas. In addition to reading I enjoy sailing, golf and dog training. My German Shepherd Marie and the many characters in my head live on a few acres north of Austin Texas. It's not the end of the world but if you climb on my roof and look hard you can see it.

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