The Way - Navigating Now - Through Planet 7X - To His Majesty By His Kingdom Come and Authority, All Walking in the Spirit.

Dealing with the upcoming Planet X experience and current world economics situation to the beyound by faith into the Majesty that is to infinity in the Kingdom of God come on the earth, and all His righteousness, His will being done. More

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About Sheval Anthony Smith

I am a Christian, Chartered Accountant, Economist and immigrant who follow Jesus most Royal Commands,
1. Have no fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness
2. Go to the uttermost part of the earth to do Good and profess issues of life and to prosper and be in good health as your soul prosper
and now making work together for good the fact that I encountered persecution sufferings and trial and am now husband of ex-wife and father of two daughters now of Old USA citizenry.

I do the MAJESTY SHOCK TRAIL'Property Development & Maintenance Products IN CHRIST Publications, Social Media Presence and ~ BLOG Posts: seeking, enabling and developing all whom & what are the Lord's and the Fullness thereof by all in 'Serve All enabling and doing mode' to loose the greatest prosperity and good health even eternal life for all as my/our professing into being ever to greater Glory 'Values for less' 'Serve all King professions in and by all in infinity of our ways. Eternally ~ Ever a JEDi God Kingdom come and all His righteousness His will alone being done infinity of His predestination of us..

DO See this Website post for introduction into the emerging trails of the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus Living through us :


share these posts to all your connections ~ and to infinity ~ if they are in the direction of your care.

I write from my experience in the immigration process as practiced for the laws of man in the Americas and seemingly in all earth and I believe I bring a unique and most valid perspective to take the West out of what it has earned as wage for sins against willing immigrants, moving to have no fellowship with evil in land of origin to display effort in more just settings, yet that was been easily missed by the Western world caught up in national anthems`ism and the abomination cravings to status quo that such practices represent.
In the last 30 years China represent the contrast of the west evil, facilitated by it greater State of Union of 1.370 billion people population compared to Union of the states of America of 0.321 billion with surrounding States of the Americas all including Old USA having a total splintered up America by 55 principalities with more demonized total population of 0.982 with "the one claiming union of America reveling in the waste and inclining to pride and nothingness "Might and power", and has had it reward from inherent Spirit God at work that exalt a nation more indicative to the kingdom of God- China while bringing reproach to the other(s) - The divided 'west.'

This book seeks to effect us loosing the correction to the right path of living with strangers. Immigrants who ever obeys God call "to have no fellowship with work of darkness" but rather "go to uttermost part of the earth and by doing good and loosing truths effect corrections to a upward evolving earth experience for all.

China with a united population of 1.370 billion stand poise to benefit from the United Phenomenon that enabled the United States to become great as a world leader in the 19th and 20th century. Only that as China now embarks into the industrial developing stage of its growth, it is 4.2 times the population of the Old USA and so a stronger union with exponentially more than 4.2 time potential. The USA on more lands, reveled in tormenting immigrants of the Americas with a maintained divided tormented by border extortions and restrictions population of 0.982 billion and in tormenting its immigrants especially the stopped in tracks from here and the rest of earth.

China may lead in extending The Union to include Japan, Taiwan, The Philippines, Korea(s), Australia, all Asia Pacific, India and Russia included. possible materializing "as the was meant against the sun so let the wicked perish, or materializing the united earth not in apostasy, and becoming the righteous that rejoice is not by might or by power but by the Spirit of God. from which tormenting of immigrants cut off any nation.

There is the ultimate in union to overcome the desperate wickedness in darkness age in spoiling the lives of immigrants and all; and it would be the great advancing of the welfare of the whole human race set in motion without end in Christ Jesus in God.

The kingdoms of man becoming the Kingdom of God is the ultimate for the no profiling of immigrants and we are to loose that on earth, so God may loose it in heaven; to involve achieving that which is transforming from the desperately wicked hearts of man to the heart of God in all, by the Grace of God in Christ Jesus and all transforming to having mind of Christ and not the mind of the passing dark age.

This is my passion that allow me to start writing and sharing and hope we will agree and share in the task and let God Kingdom come, and all his righteousness, His will being the only things done through us/we loose for the greatest peace and prosperity to us all on earth into the forever. And of His reign there is no end.

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