Single Moms

Single Moms is the sequel to Warrior Girls. The latter novel introduced readers to a company of warrior women - Seraphinaria, Mirabrasantes et. al. Their names are inspired by Boudicaa, Queen of the Iceni, in Dark Age England. In Single Moms, Al Mancini, a man from our universe, makes another appearance in the parallel universe inhabited by the single moms / warrior women and their kids. More
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Words: 35,730
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310292071
About Bill Etem

You say it sort of like Billy Tem. B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota. Living in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Ex high school math teacher, ex lot of things. Getting old - born 1.2.60 - single - lived in Los Angeles for a few years, same with Colorado. Lived in Mexico, in Oaxaca mostly, for 20 months after leaving LA. Oaxaca is in the tropics but high up in the mountains, and cool breezes keep you comfortable. Spent 4 months wandering round Europe right after college but lately it's just been all work in Minneapolis, holding done various jobs while writing and researching my books.

Rock Island is my most important book. Constitutional History of the Western World has lots more info than Rock Island - it's 10 times longer - but Rock Island explains my main points better and faster. So much of the art of politics is simply knowing how to avoid doing insane things, crazy things that will destroy your party's chances to win elections. When Democrats make it their policy to persecute and drive Republicans from restaurants, to harass at school the kids of Republicans, then the Republicans will win big at the next election. Or when Republicans make it their policy to take infants and toddlers away from their parents at the border, then the Democrats will win big. You won't win elections if your party is perceived by most voters as evil beasts and satanic devildogs. Politics is pretty simple. Same sort of thing in religion as in politics. You don't want to be an evil beast or a satanic devildog. That won't help you with the public. Take a scripture like John 1.1-14 which says Jesus created the universe. Notice how you step into insanity as soon as you take a false step with John 1.1-14. You step right into blasphemy and heresy and madness and insanity if you say John 1.1-14 is a falsehood if in fact it is true. And of course you step right into heresy and blasphemy and insanity if you say it is true if in fact it is false. So you don't want to make a botch of things with John 1.1-14. If John 1.1-14 is false, then, what in Christianity is trustworthy? If John 1.1-14 is false how could St. Paul be trustworthy in Romans 9.5, Colossians 2. 8-10 and 1 Timothy 3.16? And if St. Paul is untrustworthy in those scriptures, if he leads one straight into blasphemy and heresy and madness in those scriptures, why would one assume he is trustworthy in any of his other scriptures?

Now if John 1.1-14 is true - and my books push Christianity: they push the opinion that John 1. 1-14 is true - then, obviously, you have to assume you can then trust what God is saying in Matthew 16. 13-19. So, the gates of hell have either prevailed against the Roman Catholic Church or else the gates of hell have not prevailed against the Roman Catholic Church. If the gates of hell have not prevailed against the Roman Catholic Church, if Rome is God's True Church, why do we have these Senates and Houses of Representatives and Supreme Courts and Executive branches, on the state and federal levels? Who needs all this nonsense if the Roman Catholic Church is God's True Church? We only need Rome for our government if Rome is God's True Church. Of course if the gates of hell have prevailed against the Roman Catholic Church, if Rome is lost in heresy and leads people to perdition, then, when Protestants become Politically Correct Protestants who tell Roman Catholics that they don't need to renounce Rome in order to escape perdition and to attain heaven, then, these Protestants, motivated by Politically Correctness, are preaching evil: they are helping to push Roman Catholics toward perdition, so, obviously, that's evil and the gates of hell have certainly prevailed against these sorts of Protestants.

So much depends on getting your premises right. If you make a mistake with John 1.1-14 or with Matthew 16. 13-19 then you are profoundly lost and truly deluded!

My novels Amanda's War, Warrior Girls, Single Moms and Queen of Shadows are only slightly religious. Skool Dayz is a little more religious than those 4. All my other books focus on Christianity, and Christianity takes a lot of explaining. You have to run through various scenarios, e.g., if the gates of hell have not prevailed against the Eastern Orthodox Church, if the Eastern Orthodox Church is God's True Chuch, then we will always be led to heaven if we obey God's True Church, and we will be led to perdition if we rebel against it. Best to obey it!

Or, if the gates of hell have prevailed against the Eastern Orthodox Church, if that church is lost in heresy and therefore it drags souls down to perdition, then, in this scenario, those Protestants who tell Eastern Orthodox believers that they don't need to renounce the Eastern Orthodox Church in order to attain heaven and to escape perdition are helping to push the Eastern Orthodox into perdition, and so these sorts of Protestants are evil. They help to push folks into hell! So, obviously, they are evil! They are like satanic devildogs and evil beasts. They are like monsters and hideous undead creatures of the Night.

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