The Healing of the Herbs - Natural Remedies to help with Fertility, Reshaping The Bone Structure and Improving Stretch Marks, Along with Many Other Common Illnesses.

In this book I have selected a sample of herbs which can be used to treat the most common illnesses. Find out how these remedies can heal your condition and improve your quality of life. More
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February 4, 2019
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About Samantha Scantlebury

Samantha Scantlebury is a British writer and 'The Angels are Talking to you' is her debut novel. Born in Hampstead London, she studied at The University of West London (Formerly Thames Valley University) where she graduated with a BA Honours in Accountancy and Finance. Samantha continues to work in the field of Finance, although she likes writing as it gives her the freedom to express herself. Book readers who enjoy Fantasy Fiction will find her novel brings a fresh contribution to storytelling as she gives interesting explanations of forces that cleverly disguise themselves as typical problems, which affect the lives of modern people. She sincerely thanks all her readers for showing an interest in her book. and she hopes you will enjoy reading her first novel.


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