The Force Of The Universe

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The force of The Universe gives you all the secrets behind The Law Of Attraction and how to manifest your dreams and goals. Personal Development Secrets Revealed. More
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About Lars Andersson

This is my life!

Throughout my adult life, I have had a passion for learning and develop my customer relationships in personal development and the law of attraction. I like many began my studies to see the movie The Secret! But I found that there was more to learn how to become a master at controlling his consciousness and subconscious.
I started to read and Studer various programs and books, and I found that it was a jungle out there in the open market.
So I decided meig to capture and summarize all the material in a book that would be a book that everyone could understand, the book was completed after a year and contains much of my own journey from having totally lost the zest for life to achieve success.
I took a decision to create a website that would give everyone everything they might need if you want to learn everything from scratch.
I myself have said that had it pretty tough for many years and I have learned through the hard way how to get up even from the darkest holes.

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Review by: Larak Jhampa on Sep. 13, 2015 :
A nice surprise

I bought this one on a whim and little did I know that I would find so many gold nuggets in it; given the low price I was not expecting much but when I actually started reading it, I was in for a nice surprise! The author succinctly describes the difference between the way a child and an adult sees the same world:

"As we get older, often the dreams and goals become more adapted to the reality we face"

I am so glad I got this book. I was skeptical at first as it was written by an unknown author, but now I feel that it was worth the investment. I was going through a personal crisis of my own and this book's uplifting passages (such as the following) really helped to encourage me to look forward to a brighter future:

"This downward trend can also be reinforced, if you have too much focus on any previous failures, or if you let negative energies of all kinds come into your mind. It is important to clean up your mind, keep the doors open for new opportunities and positive energies, and at the same time shut the door to stop more negative influences - shadows from the past, stress-inducing factors etc."

In fact I thought that this line spoke directly to me:

'From the moment they wake up in the morning through the whole day, they perhaps didn´t find much meaning and joy in their lives."

No wonder I start my mornings with a cranky mood!

One great thing about this book is that it is based on solid scientific foundation, so that it appeals even to skeptics like me. Do you believe in afterlife? I thought that it was moronic to think that one could have a 'soul' that 'lives on' even after death, but Mr. Andersson explains it in a very scientific manner which makes absolute sense to me; on atom he says "They are not destroyed but spread when the body dies, and they might perhaps be combined back together to be part of something else that lives.". Another new thing I learned that is that we are not really as 'lonely' as we think ourselves to be; this is the first book that made me realize how closely connected we earthlings are to the universe: "Because we are part of the universal vibrating energy field, we are affected all the time by impulses, coming in from outside."

A third thing I liked is its novel approach on setting one's goal; I would be the first one to admit that even after investing a significant amount of money on mindmapping software programs, I was unable to fulfill my goals and targets; the author offers a fine reason behind this: "Stop thinking about how you will reach your goal." - now I realize that all the time I was simply over-thinking my goals which made it near impossible for me to reach them; the book also teaches you how to set 30-day plans, 90-day plans, and even longer plans if you have got bigger projects at hand. One of my biggest takeaways from this book, and in particular chapter 3, is that you should give yourself AMPLE time to reach your goals and cut yourself some slack now and then; a lot of time we don't do that because we are in a hurry and usually start projects with a predominantly negative mindset.

In the end, I only have this much to say that this is not the first book on the law of attraction I have read, but until now, I thought that it was just a BS concept. After reading this book however, I am willing to reconsider my position and perception on the concept of Law of Attraction. This book is surely a keeper and I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling confused, dejected and depressed with existential thoughts, as well as someone who is going through a personal crisis like me. There is also some solid advice included for parents, " If, instead, we as parents take it easy and not bark or give attention ,when children do something wrong, and then wait until they do something that is good, or what we want them to do, and then give praise, it will be much better."
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