Are you just 72 seconds away from experiencing living your dream? Only a heart beat away from life changing euphoria and destiny? Can the code identified in an ancient acronym – ‘TULSA’ – buried deep in ancient wisdom texts and within your subconscious mind, More
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About Denis George

Hello, my name is Denis and i am a new author entrant to the strange and fascinating world of the human mind and its hidden power to change our destiny. I have spent two years researching from across the world why people do what they do and experience the dizzy heights of success, whilst others remain in the depths of despair. Are we all missing a trick here, that if we new what seems hidden from us in living our lives we could tip the balance in favour of receiving our desires made manifest in our experience? The answer is definitely yes - but each of us has to know the secret of "letting in" your creative source energies to do their work without encountering your innate resistance to its flow.

I was born in South Wales, United Kingdom, in the steel manufacturing heartlands in which i grew up, became an engineering apprentice, craftsman, engineer, manager and member of senior management. I did not do too well at school and was treated generally as a reject with a few others and it was difficult to see close friends go on to do advanced level studies and then go to University.However once i broke free from disillusionment and shaky belief in my self i began to accelerate to new heights in industry, going to University and achieving the accolade of holding a double Fellowship in engineering. To date i have mentored over 120 engineers to gain Chartered status, with some achieving Fellowship grades from prestigious professional institutions.These people who i consider eternal friends of mine range from University professors to industry directors and managing directors.

I am married with two sons which are both doing well in their own way.

It is true to say that my life turned around after a chance meeting i had as a kid at my late aunty Gwen's house, where i would always visit particularly on Christmas Eve. There i met Sir Anthony Hopkins, who was at the time making headway in Hollywood. That chance encounter showed me that everyone of us has a gift to nurture,develop and give back to humanity.That inside of each of us is the seed of unlimited potential awaiting its chance, through you, to break free.

The "3-3-3" Enigma book has come of age to give you back to your self. Your train has arrived at your station and is calling out your name. Please don't miss your chance to experience desires that have built up behind that closed door. Let us now open that closed door together!

A book of its time that changes people's lives - your life!

Good luck and God Bless.


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