Running on Full

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Violence, an increasing trend in the US and across the world, is a humanly transmitted disease capable of immense destruction. Running on Full shows us how we can actually leverage our actions to revive core human values in our extremely dynamic society. More
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About Matt Jurcak

My name is Matt, and I’m an enthusiast. Yes, I enjoy many, many things, because I know this life is short and every day it goes by more quickly. I cook every day, workout most days, do yoga every night, surf, own an Android phone, enjoy designing and data, drive a 2007 Pontiac Vibe, live in a modest apartment, and overall want to help others. I always, always think of new ideas. These ideas range from simple inventions to entire organizations, but the goal always is to help people. I was inspired to write this book when one day I decided the root of most of the problems in our society was ourselves. I looked at the world around me and saw a beautiful earth riddled with vulgar and apathetic human interaction. It’s as if we no longer care about each other nor our home. So I wrote this book to generate buzz about what we can do as a society to help each other live wonderful, fulfilling lives in a great environment. With the internet and our tendency for super-connection, now may be our best shot to change some things. We live in a fantastic place, but I don’t want my future kids to curse at three years old, turn away from people who need their help, nor see the devastation of our planet. I want all of us to be Running On Full.

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Hobbe Noxious reviewed on July 8, 2015

Lackluster ideas, and a poor attempt to present them in an entertaining fashion/self-help book style. Author attempts to coin new terms for existing concepts, and has possibly watched "Pay it Forward" one too many times.

Sad to say, but violence is part of human nature. We are animals, after all, and as such, it is hardwired into our brains. As a society, we have various forms of entertainment to take the place of, say, actually going outside and killing something. Going to a football game generates the same (or at least similar) feeling in our brain. The rush of endorphins, the excitement. All without needing to clean the blood out from under your nails. Replacement violence is good violence. Let's not take that for granted.

Pack mentality is a thing here, too. It's not so much "character transfer", as it is observing your environment and finding your place. This specifically applies as an adolescent, and can result in some embarassing attempts to fit in and/or be cool.

Get off yer high horse and deal with it. We're a bunch of monkeys in suits who go to war over the slightest perceived difference in culture. Here's the only guide we need: Be kind to those who deserve it, be polite even when they don't, hit people back when they hit you, and don't give your two year old a smart phone.

Extra star for properly crediting sources, and decent formatting :)
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