Wedding Belle Blues

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What do you do when the woman you love is marrying the wrong man? Sabotage the wedding! More
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About Mia Epsilon

I like to think of myself as a cross between Doctor Who companions Donna and Amy. I have Donna's blunt manner of speaking and big gooey heart coupled with Amy's enduring curiosity and belief in one true love. And of course, I'm a fellow redhead.

Story ideas tend to come from real life incidents, although I have not quite been able to bring myself to curse a heroine with setting her sleeve on fire at Christmas dinner and then flashing the entire fire department. Favorite authors include Samantha Holt, JD Robb, Stephen King, and Harper Lee. I read everything, anything, and prefer characters and stories that take me away. "We're all stories so make yours a good one."

I write the 'Weddings by C & C' series. This Destination Wedding Planning Service is based in Hilo, Hawaii and follows Christine Jergens, her husband Charlie, their children, and friends as they all travel the often surprising and rocky roads to marriage.

I pour a bit of myself into each character and story and often base plots on real-life events (like many authors do!). The almost plane crash in Book 1 is based on fact. The stalker in Book 3 is based on my best friend's horrible experience. The fandom of Book 4 is based on a real-life friend's obsession with Tom Hiddleston (okay, she got me to fangirl him as well. I'm only human!). I wrote the volcano eruption in Book 5 two years before the May 2018 Kilauea Eruption. I think I should write about winning the lottery next!

I fell in love with words from the moment I could speak. My Grandfather and Father, in true Scot-Irish tradition, were storytellers who could hold an audience captive and wide-eyed for hours. I hope to someday come close to their abilities and tell the stories floating about in my head.

I love to hear from readers, and feel free to connect with me on social media and tell me what you loved, liked, and hated in my books!

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About the Series: Weddings by C & C
Charlie & Christine Jergens own a Destination Wedding business in Hilo, Hawaii. Wedding Planning is a calling that is often chaotic and crazy! Especially when the bride or groom is not exactly ready to walk down that aisle!

Book 1 follows how Charlie won Christine...or was it the other way around?

Book 2: Best friends are planning a wedding! The problem? The bride was the WRONG groom!

Book 3: Sworn 'no strings' couple discover commitment has a whole new meaning!

Book 4: A fan girl wins the ultimate fantasy come true: Mega Movie Star becomes her groom!

Book 5: Hawaii sets the stage for a clash between lifelong friends, an angry Volcano Goddess, and a HUGE life changing event!

Book 6: Come back to hometown Abbyville and meet a whole cast of very odd folk trying to get a floral assistant and a coffee shop owner to see their love.

Weddings by C & C Mission: Help other couples find a love of a lifetime.

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Snowdr0p reviewed on on Oct. 16, 2015

A fairly good read . Happy ending and al but according to me there was a big something missing- -- doug got off too easy. Wen the book started I was waiting for anna and robin to talk their heart out but within few pages I started waiting for a spectacular face down between doug and anna. I mean she had so much to say soo much to complain about his behavior and you dear author robbed her off that opportunity by your live and let live plot! !!! I was very angry@ you for that . Why couldn't she have cught him cheating before the wedding dress scene? He threw a unsuspecting and desprate to please mother in law anna at hus shark of a mother. And she dint get to even scold him for the betrayal she felt coz of his behavior that day.... and you know wats worse? You gave a gold digger sham of a friend anda oppotunist fiancee a happy ending. .. lady wat is your problem? ?? You should at least have done a epilouge where louise or doug is miserable! !! Cassie is fine- I understand that she couldn't be miserable anyways . Everything is a win win situation for her. ...if I was the one writing this anna would have gone to doug s party uninvited coz she had enpugh of being pushed around and avoided by him... she would hv been furious that he has no yime fr his fiaencee but is spending hours wiyh cassie at the bakery. She would h discovered about cassie and doug while sneaking into the party and caused a right scene and thrown his ring at his face. Then she could have come back and taken a chance on robin and started dating him. And then of course thw proposal and the Hawaiian wedding :)
. ggiving it only 3 stars coz I am feeling al indignant aboyt tge whole doug cassie thing...
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