Attack of the Lushites

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In this thrilling, adventure-laden, grease-stained, booze-soaked comedy spanning the galaxy of tomorrow, two unlikely heroes find each other as they struggle to save addiction for all human and alien kind. Free for a limited time to celebrate the release of the sequel, Revenge of the Lushites on Sept 6th. More
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About Russ Crossley

International selling Star Trek author, Russ Crossley writes science fiction and fantasy, and mystery/suspense. Over his more than 15 year career he has published 10 novels and almost 100 short stories.

His latest science fiction satire set in the far future, Revenge of the Lushites, is a sequel to Attack of the Lushites released in 2011. The latest title in the series was released in the fall of 2013. Both titles are available in e-book and trade paperback.

He has sold several short stories that have appeared in anthologies from various publishers including; WMG Publishing, Pocket Books, and St. Martins Press.

He is a member of SF Canada and is past president of the Greater Vancouver Chapter of Romance Writers of America. He is also an alumni of the Oregon Coast Professional Fiction Writers Master Class taught by award winning author/editors, Kristine Katherine Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith.

Feel free to contact him on Facebook, Twitter, or his website He loves to hear from readers

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About the Series: War of the Lushites
Space opera adventure set in the far future taking a satirical look at addiction and it's extrapolation to the absurd. Fast food, video games, smoking, alcohol, and many other vices run rampant in the future. Hilarious send ups of our possible future.

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Reviews of Attack of the Lushites by Russ Crossley

Edwin Downward reviewed on July 9, 2012

An amusingly satirical look at the world of excess and addiction. From burgers to pizza, light beer to cigarellos, nothing is left unscathed.
(reviewed 10 months after purchase)
Sharon Nichols reviewed on Sep. 7, 2011

I loved this book. Mr. Crossley has a wonderful way of combining both off-the-wall humor and exciting adventure. I enjoyed all the characters. I thought they were well developed, and even the worst of them had a little bit of goodness hidden inside. I found myself becomming attached to them and wanting to learn more about them.
The Lushites were my favorites. When I read the disceiption of their leader Jack, I couldn't help but think of Captain Jack Sparrow. Laughing, I could just picture him swaying across the deck.
My favorite character had to be Bud. His interaction with both The Brain and Jal were wonderful. I loved the fact that with all the individuals who held the power and ran the different worlds it was Bud and Jal who ended up the heroes.
Underneath all the humor and action ran a thread of warning. A thread about excess and the consquences of that excess, whether it be overeating , drinking or smoking. All in all a very witty, over-the-top story with a moral warning.
Mr. Crossley's writing reminds me a great deal of the writings of Lionel Fenn, aka Charlie Grant, and like Mr. Fenn, left me smiling and wanting more.
(reviewed the day of purchase)
Mike reviewed on July 31, 2011
(no rating)
While I am a big fan of Douglas Adams, Red Dwarf, Neal Stephenson, etc... I found that this book simply could not hold my interest. It was kind of cute, but it was too far over the top in terms of silliness for me. I really thought I would enjoy it more, but as it stands I did not finish it.

Also, I found along with other reviewers that the book's editing was EXTREMELY poor; misspellings, mixed up names, poor grammar, etc really detracted from the overall readability of the book, and really made it a far less credible read. It's actually quite sad that there are still editors out there that would let so many of those mistakes go. Also, I find it hard to believe that the errors are caused by the conversion to the digital format... did he write the book by hand? Most likely it started as a digital file and therefore the transfer should be pretty seamless.
(reviewed 26 days after purchase)
Richaundra Patry reviewed on July 29, 2011

I really wanted to like this book. There's a lot to like. It is humorous and well in keeping with the satirical science fiction tradition passed down by Douglas Adams and other (usually British) writers. The story is subtle where it needs to be and giggle-inducing obvious everywhere else. It is a good blend of the ridiculous and the sympathetic. What unfortunately almost ruined it for me is the intolerable amount of what I call 'cosmetic' issues. In short, the book seems to have been sloppily edited. In one paragraph, the names were mixed up, (Bud is called Jal), other times sentences showed rewriting without taking out the changed part, leaving the sentences incoherent. While I don't think this is excusable for any published work, I usually let one or two slide, sometimes things get translated into the digital format strangely. But the sheer amount of errors that would have been so easily fixed was beyond my ability to comprehend. As a story, the book was fine, a mix of Peter Jackson's 'Bad Taste' with the fat people from 'Wall-E.' If you enjoy puns and allegories, you will probably like it. The characters are not particularly complicated and people hoping for a deep cerebral experience will probably be rather disappointing. If you can get over the many grammar and diction errors, I would suggest giving it a try.

Edit: Since writing this review, I have been told these issues are being dealt with so you may not have them.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
pratchettfan reviewed on July 26, 2011

Attack of the Lushites is a fun story set in the far future where Fast Food Companies have taken over the Galaxy and are fighting for the highest market share. Jal Popover is just a simple mail room clerk for Heavenly Sky Burger, but when a letter from the enemy (i.e. the CEO of competitor Galaxy Pizza) arrives, he suddenly is faced with much more adventure than he bargained for.

I enjoyed reading Attack of the Lushites with its hilarious setting and strange characters and would read a follow up. What I found a bit annoying was the amount of typos, which was rather high (in the Kindle version that is) and at times disturbed the reading flow. But I was informed by the editor that they are hard at work to correct these problems which occurred during conversion to digital format.
(reviewed 21 days after purchase)
Jackie West reviewed on July 26, 2011

I do not want to be overly harsh but the only reason I fully read this "book" was because it was an Early Reviewer "book" through LibraryThing. I don't think it is too much for me to ask that a book have gone through some basic editing and revisions as needed before being presented as a professional piece of work. This feels like it was written in a weekend. Punctuation was lacking, words were misspelled, run-on sentences abounded, descriptions were redundant, and the author couldn't even keep the names of his characters straight! Another review I saw mentioned Bud was called Jal - well, Jack was also called Jal a couple times. I am a fan of humorous books, have read all of Hitchhikers (as this author claims to aim for). I have to say it failed miserably. It is not funny, not even slightly amusing. The author rips off several things from other franchises, most glaring being Star Trek. I wish I could say there was at least one thing I liked as I know a person wrote this and I want to be compassionate but... it was so painfully bad to read. There is nothing to redeem it.
(reviewed 22 days after purchase)
Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk reviewed on July 25, 2011

The book I received was rifled with errors making the read especially hard for me, a non-native english speaker. But apart from that, the book was also hard to read due to the lack of a clear story line. I completely missed the shift from the 'fast food' universe to the 'drinking' universe at the start leaving me wondering for quite a few pages what had happened. The (somewhat) unexpected end did not really help here either, the introduction of yet another galaxy with a focus on smoking was on the one hand to be expected, on the other hand it made the story quite unbelievable.
As a great fan of humor books with the Hithchikers guide my all time favourite, I must say I was disappointed. The book is advertised as being in the same category and has some interesting views. But the writing style / storyline somehow manages to spoil an idea that could have been great. It might be the constant reference to other SF works or the constant hammering on the obese shape of the main players, but all in all this was not the enjoying read I had hoped for!
(reviewed 19 days after purchase)

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